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A big decision your company has to make is whether or not to offer backup childcare for its employees’ children. It’s difficult to come up with a plan that will work for all employees, so there is a guide to help you choose the right  backup childcare package for your company.

Additionally, there is a list of resources who can help you lock down all of the specifics on this important topic, from compiling information and getting quotes from providers, to child care spending calculators.

The following resources can help you learn more about child care and how to choose a plan that will work best for your company.


Child Care Resource & Referral Association 

The Child Care Resource and Referral Association has a comprehensive directory of child care providers in all 50 states. Find out which licensed child care provider is right for you and your family.


Child Care Aware

Child Care Aware is the nation’s leading educational organization working to end the day-care crisis through research, advocacy, and public awareness.


Expenses Calculator

This calculator helps you estimate the cost of daycare in your area based on the monthly fees and average number of children at each facility.


What to look for in a backup childcare services:

Following are some key points to keep in mind before hiring a backup childcare service:

– Flexibility.

– Rate comparison.

– Promises of help with good daycare quality.

– User reviews and ratings.

Childcare plans can be a bit complicated, especially in dealing with the different types of care providers. With so many options around, it can be tough to find the right one for you and your family. Take some time to compare providers as well as read about their childcare packages before you decide on one. There are many plans and packages to think about, so here’s a few things that you should look for.


Before you choose a plan or package, start by reading reviews and comparing the options.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re deciding on a plan.

  • Plan cost:  Plans generally start at $100/day while other providers may charge a little more or less. You’ll need to consider these costs plus any other fees that you may encounter while selecting a provider.
  • Provider quality:  You’ll need to find out if the backup childcare provider is certified and licensed as well as read through some reviews. Check their credentials and make sure they are qualified to look after your children.
  • Restrictions:  There might be restrictions on the days that backup childcare is available or the number of hours you can use the service. Plan ahead by finding out what limitations you will encounter with the service plan that you choose.
  • Cancellations:  If you’re part of a childcare plan, you’ll also need to know how much notice is required if you decide to cancel.
  • Length of contract:  If your backup childcare plan is relatively short term or long term, it can affect the costs. It’s best to choose a plan with a term that will meet your family’s needs.
  • Service location:  You’ll need to find out if there are any restrictions or limitations on where the service can be provided (i.e. at home or in daycare centers).
  • Special needs:  Depending on the service you choose, there may be some restrictions in providing services to children with special needs. Also, make sure that the provider is able to offer a plan that is suitable for your child’s development.


Reasons Why Family Need Backup Child Care

Many families need backup childcare services for various reasons. If you’re looking for help with this, it’s best to compare plans before making a decision. It helps you to find out the most suitable package and provider for your family and your needs.

Backup childcare plans can be a bit complicated, especially in dealing with the different types of care providers. With so many options around, it can be tough to find the right one for you and your family. Take some time to compare providers as well as read about their childcare packages before you decide on one. There are many plans and packages to think about, so here’s a few things that you should look for. Before you choose a plan or package, start by reading reviews and comparing the options.


Offering backup child care benefits:

Childcare is one of the biggest issues that parents face. This blog post will help you learn which companies offer backup childcare benefits.

For many families, finding quality child care can be difficult. Even when a family can afford it, nights out or vacations can quickly leave a gap in their schedule left to scramble for a caretaker for the children.

The average American family has close to $30,000 in childcare costs per year. Insurance companies offering backup child care benefits can protect against these expenses for families experiencing caretaker issues. For many families that might be able to afford it, these back up benefits are an important aspect of their budgeting.


Babysitting is an example of a backup childcare

Babysitting is an example of a backup childcare benefit available from insurance providers. This benefit may have a different name depending on the company offering it. The backup child care benefit works by having a babysitter on call or ready in the event that a caretaker is unavailable. Sometimes insurance companies offer this service for free or as an added value, other insurance companies will provide this service for a fee.

Finding available backup childcare in an emergency may be difficult, so some insurance companies require you to sign up for the service before making an emergency claim.


How employees and employers get benefit from backup childcare plan:

Employers have to split premiums with the employee and they are fully tax deductible.

Employers can offer this benefit to attract and retain employees by giving them peace of mind knowing that their family’s day care is covered even in times of emergencies.

For employees it’s an added perk. It enables them to have freedom and flexibility to be able to attend important functions without having to worry that they will miss time spent with their children. As an employer, you can save money on childcare costs.

Depending on the company offering it, backup childcare coverage can also be extended to other family members such as elderly parents or adult children who are not currently tied to a full-time job so that they can be available to provide a child care service in the event of an emergency.


Below are some of the  benefits of having backup childcare coverage:


  • Time for your spouse, partner and children to enjoy back and forth time with each other.
  • With your family covered, this perk can save you money. Many insurance companies offer their own program for employees to use. This means that the service is free for parents. It also may mean that if the babysitter calls in sick, or asks for time off from the family member who has been scheduled to watch them, you have an alternative ready to step in.
  • Emergency childcare can also be a benefit for parents who work nights or have other hours that might fall out of the ordinary care-giver schedule. By having a babysitter on call, parents can get back to their careers knowing that they are covered in place of the regular caretaker.
  • With employers split-tasking duties, these plans not only help the family and employer, but also the daycare provider. Parents and employers increasingly want to share responsibility for backup childcare costs. This sometimes means that the employer pays for part of the cost of childcare as an employee benefit, or in some cases both the parents and employers split the cost. Sharing childcare costs with your employer can help you take care of your child without having to worry about missing work.


Onsite backup childcare services for employees:

Many parents choose to leave their children at the office, or with a trusted babysitter while they are at work. Using onsite backup childcare services can make this process easier and more convenient. There are a number of benefits to using an onsite care provider during the day, including increasing productivity, reducing distraction, and improving employee engagement. Many employers are now offering incentives for employees to use onsite care providers. The new tax law and additional reporting requirements also greatly influence the type of childcare services that employers should offer.


Range Of Options

To meet the onsite backup child care needs of employees, many companies are offering a range of options to parents, including pre-schools, afterschool programs, summer camps and daycare centers. Having a dependable child care service can make your workplace successful by freeing up parents to work more productively and decrease the distraction they feel while their children are at school.

The trend towards offering onsite backup childcare is a result of empty nesters, more women entering the workforce, and more dual-career couples. As more employees seek backup care for their children, families are being separated. Parents feel that it is important to have onsite childcare at the office in order to get the most out of their day.

Onsite backup childcare services for employees allow parents to work directly with their children’s caregivers.


Tips to choose right backup childcare for your employees:

The post will be about how to find the best backup childcare for your employees. Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing a babysitter or daycare for your employees:


  1. Is the caregiver nearby? Is he/she bilingual?
  2. Do they have experience with kids of all ages? What’s their experience like working with children with disabilities, physical and emotional needs?
  3. What’s their experience like with kids in crisis? Do they have positive reviews from parents, teachers, and coworkers?
  4. What’s their background like? How long have they been in business?
  5. Are they insured and bonded?
  6. Do they cover all shifts or just the ones you need covered?
  7. Are there other backup childcare services we can use for our employees that are more affordable? What’s the payment schedule like?
  8. Do they have any business affiliations or charities we can get involved with?


How to Find Backup Childcare For Your Employees:


Your employees may not always be available to work if they have a sick child, school issues or family problems. The first step is to find someone reliable and trustworthy that you can trust your employees’ children with when their backs are up against the wall. If you’re up against a wall, it’s important to have some kind of backup plan.

The great thing about having a babysitter or daycare is that it can be used whenever you need it. However, that can make you feel like your employees may not be able to get all the work done when needed. It’s important to not worry about that if possible. It’s always better to be prepared and have a plan B.

If you need a back up in your daycare, then you’ll want to make sure they are qualified and insured. You’ll want to choose a company that works with children with special needs too, especially if your employees are also parents themselves.


Comfortable With The Caregiver

It’s also important that you feel comfortable with the caregiver. If it’s not comfortable for you, then you’re going to feel more rushed or stressed when the child comes in and out of the place all day long. Also, if the child is happy, that’s great for everyone, but you still want to be sure your child is getting the care he or she needs to be happy.

If you’re up against a wall and you don’t have any options for a good babysitter or daycare to hire, then there are plenty of government programs that can help. Remember, these programs have rules and requirements that need to be followed so not everyone can use them.


Final words:

In a nutshell, the benefit of backup childcare for employers as well as employees is that there is someone to help parents who have to handle certain issues. It also relieves some of the workload for the employer too because parents will be more willing to come into work. You’ll find that your employees are happier with your company and they’re less likely to quit if they don’t have personal problems at home keeping them busy.


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