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Nannies & Kids United is a childcare agency working with corporate benefits teams to bring Childcare as an employee benefit to reduce call outs/turnover rates for employees.

How does backup childcare work and benefit both employers and employees?

The first step is knowing your parent population within your company to decide if this is a coverage worth implementing to your business.

The second step is getting an understanding of the childcare benefit which is called backup care offered through Nannies & Kids United. Each parent has a set number of hours with the partnership of the nanny agency, determined by the company. The purpose of the benefit is to prevent call outs from your employees who are parents that may have unforeseen emergencies regarding their children as well as unpredictable work schedules. When this benefit is utilized from the employee, the employee would put in a request through Nannies & Kids United 24/7 customer service portal and an in-home childcare provider such as a nanny or babysitter would come to your employee's home to provide care. This method is more cost effective than building out a daycare or partnering up with a local childcare facility as parents do not have to deal with COVID concerns when their child is around other children.

The third step is understanding the cost.
There are 2 different ways that you can do this as a company. You can either pay for the full cost, giving your employee a $0 copay OR you can subsidize the amount where your employee pays a small hourly copay.

One thing to keep in mind is that your company will be able to utilize a childcare tax credit of up to 25% for offering this benefit to your employees. Nannies & Kids United works with some of the largest organizations to prepare companies for employee success.

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