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Press Release from Nannies & Kids United - Employer Sponsored Backup Childcare

If there’s is one thing that parents of small kids pay great attention to, it would be the care of their little ones.

This is true in just about every single culture and society on the planet and has always been for a very long time.


With our changing times, it has become rather difficult to manage everything, particularly in the case of both parents working full-time jobs.

This is when taking care of your children becomes really problematic. It is simply not possible to devote enough hours for the kids when you are spending half or sometimes more than half of your day at work.

Then again, it doesn’t really have to be a work from home job; there could be other situations as well, which may lead to a similar concern, such as a marriage event, a visit to the local dentist and so on.

It is situations like this where caring for small kids can get challenging. And it is the situation where Nannies & Kids United steps into the picture, a company that specializes in placing Atlanta nannies as well as Alpharetta nannies with suitable families.


To start off, Nannies & Kids United is a premier nanny/babysitting agency based in warm and sunny Atlanta, and it strives to provide quality nanny services to parents across the region.

We are focused on ensuring that kids of parents, working or otherwise, always have a nanny or babysitter around to take care of them whenever required.

Some of the needs where we provide nannies or babysitters include,

  • Full day Atlanta nannies and Alpharetta nannies for working couples
  • Part-time nannies for parents who would like to go out for a dinner, party, etc.
  • Hourly needs or other short term needs, for any reason.
  • Any other potential childcare needs that you might have.

Simply put, we are here for almost any and all needs that you may have, with little to no exceptions whatsoever, Except for services for on-call or backup nannies because our agency focuses on permanent placements.



The Alpharetta nannies and Atlanta nannies that we work with undergo a rigorous process before they are allowed on board. It is only after this process will they actually be assigned clients to work with.

We take great care to ensure that the people we work with have the necessary qualifications or expertise, with no criminal background as well as conducting other necessary safety checks.

In addition to this, they are also trained well with some of the core aspects of the business, so as to enable them to perform their work very well.

It is only after they pass this rigorous process, that they will be permitted to work with any of our clients. This is to ensure that all our clients can rest assured that they have been assigned someone that they can trust.

A similar process is also undertaken when it comes to our clients, so as to ensure that a similar standard is provided for the nannies or babysitters that we assign.



Nannies and Kids United takes into consideration a great deal of things before we start assigning any childcare providers to our clients.

We look into both the needs of the clientele, as well as the nannies working for us. We find out the best-suited combination of nannies for the assignment and only then do we get started off with the rest of the work.

There are several things that we take into consideration. These include need, location, number of kids, requirements, lifestyle, cultural needs, etc. All of these things are taken into account before the families and nannies are introduced.

Once the previous step has been completed, we then proceed with the actual introduction, where the nannies and the parents can get to know one another. It is only after the approval of both parties, will the final agreement be completed with regard to assigning a nanny, whether it is an Atlanta nanny or an Alpharetta nanny.



Our nannies are very flexible when it comes to the nature of childcare.

We understand that not all parents have the same needs. On the contrary, that need is something which can vary from family to family. It isn’t that a nanny is required for working parents alone.

There are parents who would like a nanny to care for the baby, for as little as a few hours, while they are out on a date or just want a break from it all.

So whether it is a full day requirement or something that lasts only a few hours, rest assured that you will be getting a service that has been tailor-made for your needs.



We are currently operating around the Atlanta, GA area, San Francisco CA and undertake work in and around this region.

As of now, the cities we are providing nannies, include all over the Atlanta metro area. This includes the main city areas as well as the larger suburban areas. Depending on the exact location of your requirement, this may vary, as we could perhaps look into offering services in neighboring counties as well.

If you would like to know more about the exact places where our nannies can be assigned, please give us a call at (770) 284-6090 and let us know more about your needs and location. We can look into how best we can help you out. We hope that you live in an area, whether within the main urban areas or in the suburban regions, where we currently provide service.

To sum it all up, if you happen to have any childcare needs, feel free to get in touch with Nannies & Kids United.

(770) 284-6090 or [email protected]

We will ensure that you are assigned with the right nanny or babysitter to have your issues addressed and ensure that you and your little ones are happy at the end of the day!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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