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If there is one thing that is to be known about children, it is that caring for them can be a real challenge at times.

This is a given in almost all cases. From food to safety, and pretty much everything in between, there is a long list of things involved in childcare.


While the average case of parenting might be challenging enough, it can be tough in the not-so-average cases. These include everything from situations where parents are working a few hours and care might be all that is required for their children.

This is where nannies can prove to be of immense help, whether they are part-time nannies or full-time nannies. They can address the need created by these special circumstances and allow for parents to get some time from childcare duties.

One such need that is addressed by nannies is the one where a parent may be absent or unable to care for a child, for a good part of the day. This is one of the more interesting requirements that many, usually working parents find themselves in.


There was a time when busy families or individuals would hire a nanny to live with them to take care of their child.

The nanny was in effect, a new member of the household, who undertook duties ranging from all aspects of childcare, to the occasional household chore as well. This was what many referred to as a ‘Live-In’ nanny, where a nanny would live with the family or individual that they were working with.

While this concept still exists and is widely practiced, things have started to steadily change as well. People have opted for ‘Live-Out’ nannies, as opposed to a ‘Live-In’ nanny, for the purpose of taking care of their children.

So then, what’s a live-out nanny?

In simple words, a live-out nanny is someone who provides childcare services to the family or individual rather than living in your home. They arrive at a set period of time, after which they perform their duties and leave.

Also, to be noted here is that this may not be a daily occurrence but could also be something that has been partially agreed upon; where a nanny or babysitter works for parents only on set days of the week, rather than the entire week. They perform whatever function that has been assigned to them as per the agreement throughout their agreed upon work hours and days for the parent.

This is a need-based job and is something that is seen as practical, efficient, as well as cost effective by all parties involved. It is considered practical as live-in, often full-time nannies, are not always needed throughout the day. Likewise, it is efficient as only those hours where a nanny is required is actually delegated out to the individual, rather than have them on the job throughout the day. Likewise, it is a lot cheaper for the parent or individual to hire a nanny for a part of the day, even if it is more than half of it than the full 24 hours.


As already mentioned, a live-out nanny is someone who works with a family for a good percentage of the day.

This is however not always the case. On the contrary, it can vary from case to case, depending on the existing need.

Most of the live-out nanny contracts are handed out to people who work for long hours, usually lasting 10-12 in general. Other cases may last even longer, in case such a requirement exists.

Then there are those who work for shorter durations of time, i.e. part-time nannies, when there is a spike in the amount of work to be done, for whatever reason. These are what many would consider to be the job openings for part-time nannies.


Either way, the final call for the exact work hours would depend on the requirement, nature of the work, specific needs, etc. There are the things which must be addressed and agreed upon, by the parents as well as the nanny.


There are a whole bunch of different roles and duties that a live-out nanny performs for parents.

The primary job of the nanny would be to take care of the children. In addition to this, there may be an agreement that includes other household errands as well, such as cooking, washing dishes, delivering correspondence, etc. The latter is, however, rather rare, since such tasks are usually designated to a family maid or housekeeping.

The core work that part-time nannies and full-time nannies engage in are entirely based around the care of the children. These include tasks such as,

  • Feeding
  • Bathing
  • Helping the kids with their homework and other daily work.
  • Giving an additional set of hand to parents with caring for their child.
  • Providing a helping hand with medical professionals, in case the child has special medical needs of any kind.

Simply put, a live-out nanny, which includes part-time nannies and full-time nannies, perform almost any work related to childcare needs.



As a whole, it can be said that the idea of a live-out nanny is a fairly new trend, but something which is catching on rapidly, whether in the case of live-out nannies in Atlanta, or anywhere else.

With a need for nannies ever-present across the board, and lifestyle changes pushing society towards such a way of life, this is a trend that is here to stay.


So whether you are a parent or a nanny, or someone simply interested about this in general, know that it is a concept that has become fairly common in today’s world, and which is helping kids near and far with all of their daily needs. Nannies & Kids United is the number one reliable source for qualified live-out nannies in Atlanta.


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