How to Hire Nannies for Weddings

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Getting married can be incredibly stressful for the bride and groom. However, having your friends miss the wedding reception because of lack of childcare can be devastating. Many brides have elected to hire nannies for their weddings. Guests with young children can attend the festivities with the knowledge that their children are safe and happy. The location of your wedding may impact how you find a nanny or how likely your guests are to use one.

Check with Your Venue

Your venue may have a list of preferred nannies for weddings. This tactic is usually best for destination weddings or for primarily out of town guests. If your guests with children are not from the town where you will say “I do,” you might consider asking the venue if they have preferred nannies or agencies for providing childcare to guests. Sometimes venues even have rooms or spaces they usually use for wedding guest childcare. Some spaces simply add a suite or room to your booking. You should know what is included or required for a childcare space.

Check with Local Parents

If you do not yet have children, you might want to check with the parents in the area. If one or two moms share a sitter already, they may want to use their nannies for the wedding. Sometimes these sitters will offer a discount for the party since it is for a current client. Check with your parenting friends to see who is available and preferred. Even if you do not have a clear choice from their suggestions, they may also be able to recommend quality agencies. Not all agencies or sitters are alike. Nannies, like any service, vary greatly, and you will want your guests with kids comfortable and relaxed.

Ask a Family Teens or Young Adults

If you have college students, teens, or responsible young adults who want to celebrate with you but will not be as interested in the reception festivities, ask them if they will be willing to babysit during the child-free functions. Be sure that they would be open to this before asking. A local church youth group may be willing to do this as a fundraiser. The youth leader may even be willing to oversee the activities.

Be Cautious

Children need to feel and be safe anytime you hire someone to be a caregiver. Parents are not going to allow their children to be alone with just anyone. You need to make sure that the person you choose is reputable, and if you do not know them personally, you will want to get a background check for them. Hiring the right people as nannies for weddings can be a dream, but the wrong person can certainly be a nightmare.

Final Thoughts

Hiring nannies for weddings has become more common. This trend means that it may not be as difficult as you think to hire the right person. You should choose carefully when selecting someone to watch the children. The children’s safety is the top concern. Be sure to book well in advance if you want to ensure the availability of a quality sitter.

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