Top 6 Special Needs School In Atlanta For Children

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Children start to learn from the moment they are born.

Indeed, many studies show that the learning process actually begins in the womb, when the baby is still a fetus.


This learning process is something that continues throughout a child’s life, which extends well into teenage and even early adulthood. In fact, it has been shown that an individual’s brain may not have completely developed until the age of 25.

While individual differences regarding the rate of learning may vary, it is important to acknowledge that learning holds a key place in the society that we live in.


In certain cases, there is always a need for a child to receive special attention, so as to compete and be at par with the rest of their peers.

In many cases, there is nothing more required for a child than a bit more attention from parents or guardians. But in others, the amount of attention required may be a lot more than expected. This is the place where special learning schools come into the picture. These special schools help students to understand the concepts of education and indeed the world itself, in a way that suits their individual needs.



When it comes to the city of Atlanta, there are several special schools that cater to this need for special schools.

Addressing a host of issues ranging from minor issues like ADHD to the more severe forms of Autism and Dyslexia. These schools play a major role in helping students integrate with the larger society and become productive members just like anyone else.

Given in the list below are some of the top 6 special needs school in Atlanta for children who have different learning needs.


  1. Gracepoint School

The Gracepoint School is an important private Christian school, located in the Marietta region of Atlanta. It is a special needs school in Atlanta, working on helping students with a range of different learning needs.

The classes provided by the school range from grade 1 to 8. Additional classes for higher grades may be added in the near future. Classes began when the school was set up in 2012, with the purpose of helping dyslexic students to be trained in the skills needed to perform like everyone else.

Address:  570 Piedmont Rd. Marietta, GA, 30066

Phone:  678-709-6634


  1. The Kairos Learning Center

Located at St. Martin’s Episcopal School, is the Kairos learning center, which is focused on caring for children with special learning needs.

The center is located in Atlanta to the teaching of students from grade 1 to 8, in cases where there are language-based learning needs. The exact nature of these needs include conditions such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia. In addition to these conditions, there are a few other learning needs which are also addressed by the experts at the Kairos Learning Center.

Address:  3110-A Ashford Dunwoody Road, Atlanta 30319

Phone:  +1 404-237-4260


  1. Sage School

Of the many special schools in Atlanta, there are few that are dedicated to a specific health condition. Sage school happens to be one of them.

Dedicated to the treatment of grade K-6 dyslexia. The Sage school provides a safe and holistic environment for special students to learn at par with the rest of society, and be integrated with the mainstream.

With certified experts using the Orton-Gillingham approach, students are taught with great attention and care to help them make the most of their abilities.

Address:  800 Satellite Blvd, Suwanee, GA 30024, USA

Phone:  +1 678-318-3588


  1. Brookwood Christian School

The Brookwood Christian School is a place that provinces language-based education for differently abled children.

The classes here range from grade 1 to 12, and is focused on a range of different learning disorders. Some of the commonly addressed disorders here include dyscalculia, auditory or visual processing, dyslexia, etc.

The special school utilizes a range of different programs to achieve this goal, which includes among others, those of Wilson Reading and Fast ForWord techniques.

Address:  4728 Wood St, Acworth, GA 30101, USA

Phone:  +1 678-401-5855


  1. Cumberland Academy of Georgia

This is one of the more important special needs school in Atlanta, and is dedicated to the treating of students with autism, asperser’s, ADHD, ADD and various other mental health conditions. ‘

Based in small classes that provide additional attention and special learning techniques. The school helps to reintegrate special students into mainstream society and help them function like everyone else.

Address:  650 Mount Vernon Hwy NE, Atlanta, GA 30328, USA

Phone:  +1 404-835-9000


  1. Mount Paran Christian School

Mount Paran Christian School, often called MPCS, is a special needs school in Atlanta. It is dedicated to the support of non-traditional learners, such as those who have special learning needs. These include everything from mild learning disorders to dyslexia. All of which impact an individual’s ability to perform well in life, in the long run.

Address:  1275 Stanley Rd NW, Kennesaw, GA 30152, USA

Phone:  +1 770-578-0182



In all, the above-mentioned list of special needs school in Atlanta are some of the best special schools that you can come across in the city of Atlanta. If you want to get a better understanding of the way these schools work, their intake policies, the cost factor and so on, please contact them to know more.

It should be noted here that many of the places mentioned here are not directly in Atlanta but rather in the surrounding suburban areas of the city, which extend into surrounding counties. At the same, however, these places are fairly close to those who live in or around Atlanta.

Do note that there are indeed many more like them as well, located throughout the city, as well as the larger suburban regions. Feel free to do your own research, if you would like to know more about this subject.

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