Red Flags When Screening For Babysitters Needed

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Nannies and babysitters can be all the support system you need. Especially, when you are on the brink of a meltdown or when all of life’s curveballs become a bit too much to juggle. But hiring someone on an impulse will only add to the stress and compromise the emotional wellbeing of the entire family, especially the kids.  Babysitters needed  to take care of children should be reliable and trustworthy. But finding someone like that takes time and effort. From searching for trusted agencies to checking their resumes and profiles to shortlisting and interviewing them, it is a long, tedious process; but equally rewarding. Below is an extensive list of red flags and warning signs you should be on the lookout for when screening babysitters.

Does Not Show Up On Time

Unless of course, they have a valid excuse, not showing up on time is never a good sign for any kind of job- especially the ones where the person is required to be responsible for small children.


Talks Negatively About Former Employers

It is only natural to have differences of opinions. Everyone has their own set of ways and beliefs which are bound to clash from time to time. But talking negatively about former employers shows intolerance and inflexibility to those differences.

Using Foul Language

It is actually advised to speak in an informal tone when calling up  babysitters needed  for interviewing process; this allows them to open up about themselves and their views on taking care of small children. But the use of foul language indicates the kind of environment they’d be exposing young kids to on a daily basis.

Is not too Keen on Sharing Details About Social Media Profiles

Social media has become undeniable; almost everyone uses different social media sites to keep their social circles updated on their lives. But if the applicant is hesitant to share his/her details then the chances are they are hiding something. Most likely, they wouldn’t want you, as their potential employer, to know. You can do a little social media hunt of your own, but it is better to not trust someone who isn’t willing to open up to you.

Doesn’t Make Eye Contact

Any human resource expert would tell you that eye contact is essential to building trust. The eyes are perceived to be the windows to your interest level. And if the babysitters needed aren’t making eye contact, the chances are they either aren’t interested enough or qualified.

Does Not Interact With the Kids

It is highly recommended that you allow the kids to be around for at least part of the interview. Doing so would enable you to actually get a first-hand idea of how well the potential nanny interacts with the kids. If she does not seem to be interested or is awkward around the kids, then know that regardless of her glorious ‘Experience’ section, she isn’t a good fit.

Is Not Knowledgeable of Age Appropriate Activities for Kids

Again, the potential nanny may have a lot of experience with small children, but say if she has only been around kids above the age of five in her past experiences then there’s a fair chance she wouldn’t know how to handle a newborn or a toddler. And the best way to assess that is to ask her suggestions about activities to keep the kids busy.

Hasn’t Taken Care of Multiple Kids Before

This is especially important if you have, or plan on having more than one kid. Taking care of one kid can be tedious; taking care of more than one can be downright chaotic. You need to know that the  babysitters needed  are experienced enough to handle that kind of madness.

Unable To Provide References

The nanny applicant can have a dozen excuses for this, but none of them should be good enough to trust her to take care of your kids.

Unable To Provide Termination Letter

So, they have references but no termination letter. This is usually a red flag and should not be taken lightly. It may not be a deal breaker but do probe a little and request contact details so that you can directly speak to her former employer yourself.

Asks If She Can Invite Friends Over

This shouldn’t even have to come up. But in case it has, know that the potential babysitter is more interested in socializing than taking care of your children.

Asks If She Can Be Paid Under the Table

She may have valid excuses and financial crunches to back up her request, but these are not the kind of ethical values you want your kids to be exposed to.

Is Too Interested in What Time She’ll Get off Work

Of course, both of you would need to respect the schedule set up by you and the  babysitter needed  for the job, but you don’t want someone staring at the clock all day. You want someone who wouldn’t be grumpy if you run a little late.

Has No Questions for You Or The Kids

We’ve all been asked if we have any questions about the job during work interviews, and we have all thoroughly prepared for them; because it shows the employer that you are interested in their work and would like to know more about them. Not having any questions like ‘what would you expect my role to be when you are around the kids?’ or any of the other questions is something that a genuinely interested babysitter would ask.

Does Not Share Ideas about How She Plans On Spending the Time with the Kids

If her answers are vague such as ‘oh we’d be fine’ or  ‘we’d have a lot of fun together’ then know that she has absolutely no plans or ideas on how to be the ideal  babysitter needed  to handle small kids.

Most of Her Previous Jobs Were Short Term

This goes to show that she is either inconsistent or has a difficult time adjusting to other people’s guidelines. Not the kind of a person you could rely on.

Your Intuition Tells You Otherwise

You don’t have to know that there is something wrong for something to be actually wrong. The applicant may have the most impressive profile, but if your gut feeling tells you otherwise, then go with your gut feeling. Always!


So, there you have it!  Babysitters needed  for young kids come with their fair share of hits and misses. But by being thorough and careful, you’ll have a higher chance of finding the most suitable match for your children. Also always opt to hire a nanny via a reliable nanny agency, as that eliminates the risk. 

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