5 Must-Have Policies To Get Parents Back Into The Office

Press Release from Nannies & Kids United - Employer Sponsored Backup Childcare

Parenting is a great responsibility that comes with many rewards. However, just about everything can be better with some minor changes in the workplace. One of these policies is babysitters and child care providers. Parents need some new policies that allow them to continue work during their children’s daycare hours. With these policies, it may even increase productivity as parents are back doing what they do best: raising their children.


Babysitter and daycare policies are much like the term, “policy,”. So, before hiring any nanny or caregiver, they need to have a policy. One policy that should be created is a program where parents need to receive a two-week trial period for them to see how the work will go. If the first two weeks of this trial period go well, then the parent will be able to replace their regular babysitter with a nanny or daycare provider.


Offer Child Care Support


To continue working away from the office, parents must be able to provide child care support. Most importantly in a place where their child is being cared for. This is through the use of programs such as, onsite daycare centers, support groups. Also, private offices with Internet access for those who are using it for work. Parents will not be able to be with their children as they care for them. But at least, they will be able to keep in touch with their child’s daycare provider.


Support Hybrid and Flexible Schedules


In addition to onsite daycare centers and job flexibility, hybrid schedules are a solution to child care living situations. These environments create a balance for care for children and parents, creating a family-friendly workplace that all employees want to be part of. One benefit to a hybrid schedule is that employees can be their children’s “babysitters” in case of emergency. They will not have to worry about their employment for doing so.


Another benefit to these features is that it allows parents to use the same school with their children. This way, the child may thrive at school with everyone knowing the parent. And from there, the parent and child may build a great bond.


This type of environment can be easily achieved by creating a workplace that has the work hours needed during the weekdays but then allowing the employee to work from home or switch shifts with co-workers so she can spend time with her children after school.


Create a Good Reputation


Having onsite daycare centers can help to solve the child care issues that arise from families not wanting to be away from work. As a result, the atmosphere is usually positive, which can be very beneficial to employers as well as parents who are continuing their work in the office and children’s care.


Parents want their children to succeed. This can be achieved by creating a policy for parents who wish to take care of their children by providing them with onsite daycare at the workplace.


By being there, the child can make friends with other children who also have parents working there. They will learn how to get along with people who they do not know, which is a great quality to have. In addition to this, their parents will also be able to work hard knowing that someone is taking care of their children who are dependable individuals that are aware of what they are doing.


A daycare center creates an environment where many different people are interacting with each other daily, and this is something that all companies need because it can help to grow company morale.


Create an Inviting Refuge


Because parents will be able to change their hours to accommodate their children, it can lead to an increase in productivity. However, this does not mean that parents should work more hours than what is necessary.


One way of achieving this balance is to create a child-friendly environment. Something that allows kids to have something fun and educational to do while the parent is busy with work. A daycare center or other play area can be the perfect place for kids during working hours because they will have the opportunity to socialize while they are learning.


Lean on Your Parent Employee Resource Group


Another option to maintain productivity while parents are at work is to lean on your parent employee resource group. Ask the group members if they know any babysitters or daycare providers they can recommend. This can be an easy way to find someone that is suitable for the job. This won’t need a lot of training.


If the parent employee resource group is not available, then the employer can ask one of the parents that have just gone through the trial period for a recommendation. This way, the supervisor is checking up on the parent employee resource group members and not just relying on them.


To conclude, an onsite daycare center is a way for employers to help parents find child care without disrupting their productivity at work. This can lead to a happier work environment that is productive at the same time.

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