Benefits Of Employer-Provided Child Care For Your Employees

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Employees find it difficult to work full time as well as take proper care of children. Parents having young children need child care as without this, they may reduce their working hours,  productivity, and can also leave the workforce. There is a need to find the best possible situation which is not only beneficial for the employees but also for their employer. Child care is vital for both employees and employers. It improves their influence on employees, enhances productivity, and increases employee retention.

According to a news release by the Bureau Of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, 59.8 percent families with children had both parents employed. 

In many cities in the United States, child care services are quite expensive to obtain. If parents have to opt for these services on their own without any help, it would approximately slice more than half of their salary. In such situations, parents do not find it attractive to opt for standard child care services. But also, they do not choose to reduce their working hours so that they can take proper care of their children.

What Should Businesses Do To Satisfy Employees & Increase Productivity?

If employers provide employer-provided benefits their employees with subsidized or no-cost child care services, employees are able to dedicate more of their time to their jobs. Child care policies enable parents to work full time and also take proper care of children. Employees who have paid dependent care plans and part-time employees are more likely to use these plans as compared with those who do not have access to such benefits.

  • Assess and decide what childcare benefits will help them improve their workplace and suits their budget
  • Offer childcare benefits to every employee of the company to make both men and women feel that they can advance
  • Open childcare savings accounts for all employees, even if their business is large or small

The employer-provided child care benefits do not only benefit parents. It also benefits organizations get results such as improved productivity, employee retention and loyalty, and a better workplace environment. In order to start and run the most successful business, it is necessary to have employees who are enthusiastic about their jobs. The benefits provided by the employers, i.e., child care services, help in motivating employees and create a positive environment in the workplace.

Employer-Provided Child Care Benefits For Your Employees

1. Childcare Subsidies

Companies can give child care subsidies to employees and this proves to be very helpful. In order to lessen the cost of subsidies, you can subsidize the costs that staff get as salary. This is an effective and inexpensive way of reducing parent’s burdens and increasing business value.

You have two options to offer subsidies:

a. Pay directly to employees with children.

b. Partially subsidize the cost of childcare with child care centers or workers.


2. On-Site Childcare Services

On-site childcare services are often offered to employees and it is very helpful to make people understand the value of on-site child care. These services offer a flexible option for employees who need to leave work early or even take care of a sick child at home. This kind of childcare is more than just an economic choice.

You can choose any of the following options:

a. You can construct a building and hire child care workers, this is beneficial for long term

b. You can partner with a child care center and ask them to provide services

c. You can also offer tuition or complementary services to your employees

  1. Flexible working hours

Flexible working hours are also known as teleworking, or remote working in the US, which are great ways for companies to utilize their resources and improve productivity. It is also a benefit for parents with children because you are given the opportunity to work from home. This will allow them to take care of their children from work or even pick them up and bring them to work if they want.

  1. Parental Leave Benefits

You can also offer parental leave benefits, this is a benefit for you as well! It will allow your employees to spend more time with their families. It is a good idea to offer child care benefits as well. This way you can ensure that your workers have the support they need and ensure that they are happy and content.


Employer-provided child care has become very popular in recent years. Even though it is not mandatory, many companies do provide child care services to their employees. Child care centers provided by employers are available at workplaces or can also be located in other areas which are close enough for employees to reach quickly. An employer can decide on the type of staff that they wish to get from a children’s daycare center.

Child care is vital for working parents because they are not only able to participate actively in the workplace but they can also spend more time with their children. This can be one of the reasons why many employers are providing child care services for their employees. As a result of this service, the company will have a better working environment because employees will be satisfied and happy due to this benefit.

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