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I recently celebrated my one year leaving corporate America anniversary! 🥳

I have been reflecting on everything that transpired leading up to leaving corporate & even more so, reflecting at what an amazing year it’s been since making that decision & taking that leap of faith! I remember sitting in the unknown of what my career & life would look like. I worked throughly through not being paralyzed by the details and the how’s and stepped into my power every step of the way. Continue reading below and feel free to visit our website to learn more about business and people consulting at Stellar Synergy.


I’ve met some amazing people along my path, I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone by attending a wide ranging of events and conference to make connections. I’ve taken every conversation with people I’ve interacted along the way, as either a stepping stone to something bigger, or just a new encounter with no outcome, or the thought that maybe they needed me and my insight to help them along their path. The universe gives you mirrors with everyone you meet & interact with. What are you learning? I remained in gratitude the entire time, even in the low lows, knowing that everything is purposeful. I continuously asked GOD & the Universe to bring me the people & clients that were in alignment with my purpose & dreams. I continuously allowed myself to live in the magic as I remained steadfast on my vision of the life & business I was creating. I knew that my former success, was because of my tenacity, passionate work ethic & determination to grow, and that was something no one could take away.


If you find yourself at a fork in the road in any area of your life, here are a few of my golden nuggets that I held on to along my first year of entrepreneurship:

- Take a chance on YOU!

- Let GOD worry about the details, have a plan and be fluid with your approach.

- Practice the art of detachment, knowing that everything happens for a reason.

- Focus on putting yourself out there without taking anything personal.

- Have confidence that even in the not working out, everything is working out.

- Giving thanks for the highs & lows.

- Aligning yourself to the right people.

- Scarcity and Fear do not help build the life of your dreams.

- Money is energy, work through any money blocks (including those generational blocks) to ensure a constant flow of abundance.

- Write out your intentions, manifestations and where you want to be at the end of the year!

- Get clear on what you want & don’t settle for anything less than that.

- Respectfully decline anything that is lower than your worth, standards & value.

- You are worth it, your dreams are worth it.

- Timing is everything, you don’t wait for anyone or anything.

- Relationships are essential.


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