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About Talent Select AI

Measure what matters!

Psychometric applicant assessments without extra effort from recruiters or candidates. Talent Select AI offers motivation, skill, and personality assessment scores straight from the interview.


Originally founded as a digital interview company in 2007, Talent Select AI has spent the last few years focused on developing a new AI technology that aims to revolutionize the candidate assessment and psychometric testing industries, launching Talent Select AI via API integration in early 2023.

Throughout our 15-year history in HR Technology, we have facilitated millions of video, audio, and messaging-based job interviews for enterprise organizations. As a result, our AI platform is uniquely tailored to meet the needs of video interview solutions and other HR technology platforms, as well as hiring managers and decision-makers at organizations of all sizes.

Talent Select AI is committed to continuing to drive innovation, with additional products slated to launch later this year.

- Our core science is backed by over 30 years of academic research

- We hold over 15 years of in-house expertise in recruiting and hiring operations

- Our technology and processes have been vetted by leading experts in the field of talent selection and IO psychology

Products by Talent Select AI

By Talent Select AI

AI-Powered Candidate Analysis Platform AI-powered interview solution that delivers highly actionable, easy-to-interpret candidate insights that are meaningful to recruiters and hiring managers. Tap into the growing multimillion-dollar psychometric assessment industry by providing a psychological, personality, and non-cognitive skill... Read more »

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The Future of Hiring: Understanding Assessments

The Future of Hiring: Understanding Assessments

The Future of Hiring: Understanding Assessments

By Talent Select AI

In the context of employee selection, assessments refer to any systematic method used for obtaining information about applicants to draw inferences about their traits. Examples of assessment types used for employment decisions include proficiency tests of knowledge/skill/abilities, work samples,...
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Hiring & AI: Countering Common Misconceptions

Hiring & AI: Countering Common Misconceptions

Hiring & AI: Countering Common Misconceptions

By Talent Select AI

AI is often approached with hesitation, partly because some AI software, particularly tools using facial recognition technology, has perpetuated harmful biases in the past. And so many companies are reluctant to include a third-party AI platform to mediate hiring processes and risk potential...
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