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  • Champ Health Plan

    Personal, Proactive Health Improvement Plan
    We help business owners increase their bottom line by offering zero net-cost medical benefits to their employees. Today, no Co-Pay, No Deductible primary care/urgent care visits, telemedicine, generic prescriptions, ACA-endorsed preventive care are real benefits that employees are looking for,...
  • Health Payment Systems

    Fixing a broken healthcare system, one plan and bill at a time
    HPS is a healthcare technology provider offering solutions to enhance the healthcare billing and payment experience for consumers, while also driving value to healthcare providers, insurance companies and employers. HPS’ unique benefit can be highlighted in their patented Super EOB solution,...
  • Pharmacy Trust Professionals

    Mobility Professionals - Durable Medical Equipment (DME) & Medical Supplies: Your Accessibility and Mobility Partner As a part of our family of companies at Mobility Pro's we understand that your rehab equipment is not just a piece of equipment, it represents independence. The freedom to regain your mobility, to be more productive, to reclaim your lifestyle. Our team...
  • American Association of Nurse Life Care Planners - AANLCP