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About Health Portal Solutions

Healthcare Payers struggle to manage the various moving parts of health plan administration. Our web portals help Payers consolidate their data, vendors, and business processes behind one login. This enables them to efficiently manage the different pieces of healthcare in one place.

When partnered with HPS, you will organize your business by:

1. Integrating your data into one portal
2. Moving your health plan processes online
3. Automating your business workflows

HPS saves you from maintaining multiple portals, reduces your manual efforts, and gives you more time for more important priorities. You’ll also enjoy having:

1. One portal with all the information relevant to each party
2. Automated business processes
3. Private-branding on web and mobile
4. A central location where all stakeholders can interact

Partner with HPS to organize your health plan administration online, take control of your business processes, and drive business growth. Schedule a demo at our website

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By Health Portal Solutions

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