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Inclusion Insights - Diversity Training

This best-selling training video program shows how the creativity and innovation approach to Diversity & Inclusion works by seeking different perspectives, new ideas, knowledge and experiences. INCLUSION INSIGHTS is designed for flexible use. Each insight has a brief discussion guide to help... Read More

Data Privacy and Cybersecurity (Online Course)

This 25 minute course informs the learner about the importance of data privacy and the types of information that need to be protected (PI). Examples of privacy best practices, security procedures, what t do if there is a privacy breach and a general overview of GDPR are included in the course.... Read More

Career Development Training Resources

Browse our huge selection of career development training videos and online courses covering hundreds of topics including interviewing skills, job search, resumes, job training, professional development and more. Read More

Assessment Tools for Employees

Browse our huge selection of assessment training tools for employees, managers and supervisors. You'll find assessments on hundreds of topics including leadership, teamwork, communication skills, problem solving, conflict resolution, accountability and more. Read More

Compliance Toolkit (Online Course)

We know from experience that learners are turned off by boring videos, irrelevant interactions, and memorizing laws. Our training starts with the laws but goes beyond by teaching people how to behave toward others and teaching how they can expect to be treated in return. Read More

Coaching Achievement Facilitator Kit

Coaching Achievement helps managers and leaders to become effective on-the-job coaches. This one-day program enhances their skills at developing and maintaining effective coaching relationships in order to improve the performance and growth of others. Each kit contains a comprehensive... Read More

Leadership: 5 Keys To Success

Leadership entails nuances and skills that vary from field to field, but by talking to real-life managers, employees and experts on the subject, one can distill the essence of good leadership. Explore the five skills of great leaders with Leadership: 5 Keys to Success. Featuring conversations... Read More

Outsource To Success - eBook

Outsourcing is the smart way of doing business, building an established presence in your industry quickly and developing a life-long brand that stands out and apart in your niche. Connecting to seasoned professionals gives you the leg up, allowing you to compete, head on, with some of the... Read More

Create and Manage Remote Teams (Online Course)

Build the skills needed to create and manage teams remotely. (3-Courses) This course bundle includes the following bite sized mobile ready courses: Managing Remote Teams Understand the challenges and obstacles managers face when leading remote teams Building Trust with Remote Teams Identify... Read More

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Online Course

This course aims to clarify some of the frequently asked questions about COVID-19 or the coronavirus disease 2019. Learning some basic prevention methods will help you protect yourself and your co-workers. You will learn a strategy to strengthen your ability to understand and prevent coronavirus... Read More

DISC Communication Toolkit

Use the tools in this powerful DISC Communication e-learning course to teach everyone in your organization how they can capitalize on their own unique communication style and interact with co-workers and customers more effectively. Read More

Interpersonal Skills Training Courses

Browne through our wide selection of interpersonal skills training videos and online courses for managers, employees and professionals. Read More

Building Your Career (Online Course)

Individuals take action to identify career opportunities, build the required skills and brand themselves to others. This course will help you think through where you may want to take your career, as well as identify the first few next steps to start the process of moving in the direction you’d... Read More

Email and Text Etiquette (Online Course)

This series explores the advantages and disadvantages of using email and text messages in the workplace and helps explain times when neither are appropriate. Learn about etiquette tips, see examples of well written electronic business messages and understand how to apply all of this on the... Read More

From Creativity to Innovation Customizable Course

Coming up with an idea is only a first step to innovation. What matters more are execution and implementation. It may seem obvious, but many companies struggle with it. While brainstorming sessions are stimulating and spawn ideas - the implementation is too often considered impractical just days... Read More

Confronting Workplace Conflict (for Managers)

Let's face it, most of us don't have the tools to resolve conflict (whether at work or at home) in a healthy way. We end up damaging relationships, we lose trust… the list goes on and on. Confronting Workplace Conflict™ is a new micro-learning program packed with conflict resolution tips and... Read More

Corporate Training Videos & Courses

Huge selection of corporate training videos and online courses for employees, managers and supervisors. You'll find hundreds of topics including: - Leadership - Communication Skills - Diversity & Inclusion - Customer Service - Conflict Management - Sexual Harassment Prevention - Workplace... Read More

Inclusion: Diversity Everywhere - Video

Inclusion refers to the extent that individuals from a diverse workforce are invited and welcomed to contribute at every level of an organization. - Transcends from diversity - Boosts morale and camaraderie - Enhances productivity - Transforms a workplace culture Read More

Online Employee Training Courses

Browse through our wide selection of online employee training courses covering hundreds of topics including management skills, career development, workplace safety, healthcare education, sexual harassment, leadership, customer service, diversity, teamwork, communication skills, human resources... Read More

Supervisor on the Scene: Coaching for Performance

From Little League to professional sports, coaches lead their teams, motivating them to perform at their best. This, essentially, is what supervisors do at work, helping people gain the skills and knowledge to perform a task. But how exactly do you coach an employee? Help supervisors make the... Read More

Learning to Manage Customizable Course

Learning to Manage walks you through the process of successful management by introducing the tools and techniques for effectively handling five target areas – people, projects, performance, problems, and even personal development because successful management starts with being able to manage... Read More

E-Learning Courses for Employees

Huge selection of eLearning courses for employees, managers and supervisors. Find courses on hundreds of topics including leaders, communication skills, conflict, customer service, diversity, compliance, motivation, workplace safety and more. Read More

ENOUGH! The Consequences of Sexual Harassment

ENOUGH! is a completely new approach to sexual harassment training. It is strategically designed in two-parts to deeply engage each learner - with a realistic view of workplace harassment and the fallout associated with a non-compliant culture. ENOUGH! uses a dramatic story line and character... Read More

Bridging the Communication Divide - Complete Game Kit

Take your audience on an exciting learning adventure with Bridging the Communication Divide! This hands-on experiential game explores the impact personality style has on everyday interactions and then offers a simple communication style model individuals can use to make immediate improvements to... Read More

Harassment Hurts: It's Personal II

Harassment Hurts: It's Personal II (16 minutes) - This revised and updated program explores the pain and cost of harassment, covering such topics as age, race, sexual orientation, pregnancy, ethnicity, sexual harassment, unprotected classes like political affiliation, and much more. The video... Read More

Real Life 101 Series: Real Jobs. Great Career Choices

Do you know what you want to do for the rest of your life? Have you thought about your dream job? Do you have any idea what it takes to get there? Not sure? Real Life 101 introduces you to real people doing real jobs. From doctors, lawyers and veterinarians to counselors, teachers and... Read More

22 Training Events for Developing Team Leaders

Most managers view leadership as an intangible, unattainable skill — one best left to those at the top of the corporate ladder. However, leadership occurs at every level of the company from strategic directors to team and project leaders. What are these leaders common denominator? They utilize... Read More

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