10/25/21- SHRM- TLB
  • F&M Trust Drops Turnover Rate 18% by Training Leaders to Drive Employee Engagement

    F&M Trust is eager to build a culture where employees feel their voice truly matters, a committee was formed with diverse employee representation, and they prioritized creating a focused employee engagement strategy with specific accountability for leaders.
  • Outsourcer Transparent BPO Significantly Drops Attrition While Improving Operational Metrics

    Don't wait until your turnover rate is out of control. Get strong results to improve employee engagement and retention with TalentKeepers' solutions.
  • How to Calculate the Real Cost of Employee Turnover

    We provide the free tools and show you how to calculate how much turnover really costs your organization.
  • Three Key Engagement Drivers for Health Care Providers

    HR Pulse Magazine Article – Three Key Engagement Drivers for Healthcare Providers This article co-written by Patti McEwan, CHRO of Envision Physician Services, a national hospital based physician group of over 20,000 employees and Christopher Mulligan, CEO Talentkeepers, focuses on Envisions’...
  • Insurance Provider Engages Managers to Reduce Turnover Case Study

    One of the largest auto insurance carriers solved their turnover problem impacting customer service quality and profitability.
  • Global Shipping & Delivery Company Case Study

    With a sales and service force of nearly 1000 representatives, this shipping and delivery firm was experiencing a loss in customer satisfaction, productivity, and sales due to their high turnover rate. As a global leader in international express services, overland transport and air freight, this...
  • National Physicians Services Organization Case Study

    National Physicians Services Organization Creates a Culture of Engagement
  • Telecommunications Giant Creates a Culture of Trust and Retention

    A top U.S. telecomm company had an annual turnover rate of 75% costing them millions and hurting productivity and customer satisfaction.