Trupp HR Launches Trupp Talent Recruiting Services

Press Release from Trüpp

Portland, Oregon – July 30, 2015  – Trupp HR, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of Trupp Talent Recruiting Services as a dedicated extension of Trupp HR’s suite of HR services. Trupp Talent helps businesses succeed by staffing a workforce that not only delivers on required competencies and performance expectations, but also aligns with the employer’s work environment, values, and culture. Trupp Talent provides a personalized approach to the recruiting process—emphasizing employer brand and an elevated applicant experience. 

Trupp Talent offers a full range of recruiting services—from contingency and retained recruitments to recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), where an organization’s recruiting activities are managed entirely by Trupp Talent’s recruiting team. Trupp Talent works primarily with small to mid-sized businesses in a variety of industries.

“Trupp HR is accustomed to addressing the full spectrum of HR needs for our clients, so it is important that our Trupp Talent recruiters are effective with a wide range of jobs and industries. Whether recruiting for customer service, sales, manufacturing, engineering, accounting, creative, executive, or niche roles, we prioritize understanding our clients’ needs, applying creativity to find top talent, and treating each applicant with the respect and professionalism of a valued customer,” explained Jean Roque, President and Founder of Trupp HR.

“The small and mid-sized businesses we serve really appreciate working with recruiting professionals that are willing to take the time and effort to really understand the job requirements, team dynamics, and work environment. Finding the right fit is especially impactful in small work teams and companies,” said Tracy Bespflug, Talent Placement Specialist at Trupp Talent. “It’s refreshing to work for a recruiting agency where success is measured by finding the right fit rather than just quickly ‘filling a seat’.”


About Trupp Talent

Trupp Talent  is an agile recruiting agency that provides a range of employment solutions including retained search, contingency search, executive search, and  recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) . Our tailored approach to the hiring process emphasizes employer brand, thorough applicant communication, and attracting candidates that are well suited to our client’s unique management style, work environment, and values. Trupp Talent is a full-service recruiting agency—staffing for a wide spectrum of job titles found within small and mid-sized businesses in a variety of industries.

Trupp Talent is the recruiting arm of  Trupp HR , a full-service, human resources company providing  HR Consulting HR Outsourcing Training , and Development. Our understanding of HR best practices, employment law, and the entire employee lifecycle uniquely qualifies us to provide an elevated recruitment process that contributes to the success of our clients.


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