Products by Idea Learning
  • Custom Learning Experiences

    Creating custom learning experiences at Idea Learning doesn’t mean pulling existing materials off the shelf and simply adding your logo or brand or changing some key words. That’s one way to provide learning, but that’s not our way. No two learners and no two clients are alike. When we create... Read More
  • Diversity Works

    An interactive, in-person workshop that brings awareness of diversity and inclusion concepts to your workplace. It comes with everything you need- a setup guide, facilitator’s guide, and the activity and participant materials- all in one convenient box. This Ready-to-Go Kit is prepared for you... Read More
  • Let Them Choose: Cafeteria Style Learning for Adults

    A model for social experiential learning focused on choice. Lecturing on its own is ineffective. But what’s the alternative? Combine the best of brain science and learning theory with the power of choice. Deliver meaningful training programs that stimulate your learners, rather than bore them to... Read More
Clients of Idea Learning
    • Portland General Electric
    • Portland Trailblazers (Rose Quarter)
    • Marion County, Oregon
    • Vestas Wind Systems A/S
    • PeaceHealth Medical Systems
    • NASA Kennedy Space Center
    • Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants
    • Daimler Trucks North America
    • Viewpoint Construction Software
    • Maletis Beverage
    • Nike, Inc.
    • State of Oregon