White Papers by OutSolve

  • Diversity and Inclusion Action Plans

    See how companies can move from the abstract to a defined, manageable diversity and inclusion program
  • Affirmative Action Compliance e-Learning

    Training your staff is essential to safeguarding against unlawful employment practices. Simply put, informed managers and supervisors make better decisions. E-learning offers the convenience of learning remotely, plus it offers the ability to track and monitor training.
  • Affirmative Action Compliance for Recruiters Q&A

    Welcome to OutSolve's Recruiter Affirmative Action Compliance Q&A page. The questions below are from OutSolve's recruiter compliance webinars where over 400 HR professionals were in attendance. Our OutSolve experts, Beth Montgomery and Carolyn Bensel provided the answers below. Be sure to also...
  • Reduction in Force Analysis - What is it?

    Reductions in Force, also called layoffs, downsizing, or some other employer action to select employees for separation occur frequently during recessions, difficult business conditions, or other circumstances.