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  • Notes Worth Taking From Gen Z’s Entrance to the Work Force

    With the Great Resignation continuing in 2022, HudsonMann is offering a series to assist your company. In this article you find out what Gen Z is looking for in their first job.
  • 4 Ways to Retain Veteran Talent

    Our partner, Veterans Staffing Network, provides keen insight into how to retain your veteran talent during this time of high resignations.
  • What is the Affirmative Action Program Verification Interface (AAP-VI)

    A must-read for HR leaders responsible for affirmative action. Read about the impact the Affirmative Action Program Verification Interface (AAP-VI) will have on federal contractors
  • Diversity Outreach Primer - Where Do I Start?

    Diversity is a common topic these days, both in and outside of the corporate walls. It can take many forms, including discussions on employee retention, boards of directors and leadership teams, or targeted recruiting and outreach.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Action Plans

    See how companies can move from the abstract to a defined, manageable diversity and inclusion program
  • Affirmative Action Compliance e-Learning

    Training your staff is essential to safeguarding against unlawful employment practices. Simply put, informed managers and supervisors make better decisions. E-learning offers the convenience of learning remotely, plus it offers the ability to track and monitor training.
  • Affirmative Action Compliance for Recruiters Q&A

    Welcome to OutSolve's Recruiter Affirmative Action Compliance Q&A page. The questions below are from OutSolve's recruiter compliance webinars where over 400 HR professionals were in attendance. Our OutSolve experts, Beth Montgomery and Carolyn Bensel provided the answers below. Be sure to also...
  • Reduction in Force Analysis - What is it?

    Reductions in Force, also called layoffs, downsizing, or some other employer action to select employees for separation occur frequently during recessions, difficult business conditions, or other circumstances.
  • The Cost of Exclusion in the Workplace

    Research has shown that social exclusion (sometimes considered to be a type of bullying) can have a more negative impact on employees’ sense of organizational commitment and engagement than workplace harassment” which results in higher incidences of turnover than harassment!
  • Compensation Analysis for Small/Medium Enterprises: Facts Over Opinions

    Pay equity is a growing concern for all companies. However, the methods used for proper analysis need to adapt to the size of the organization. Small to mid-size organizations may need a different approach than big corporations. Read more here.
  • OFCCP Breaking News

    Each month, HudsonMann shares the latest on OFCCP news, compliance training opportunities, insight into federally compliant outreach and more!
  • Is Implicit Bias Affecting Your Workplace?

    The importance of Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace is more than just today’s hot HR topic. It is an area where many organizations are struggling and being held accountable. Over the next few months, HudsonMann will be providing key information and tools to assist you in analyzing your...
  • OFCCP Has Been Busy!

    In furtherance of the OFCCPs efforts to become more transparent and efficient, August ushered in 5 different initiatives and/or directives. We have reviewed each new directive and initiative and provided a brief synopsis of each one for you.
  • Your Affirmative Action Plan’s Focus on Compensation and 6 Common Mistakes

    If your organization has built or is building an Affirmation Action Plan, Tamara Seiler has great insight for government contractors to comply with requirements and compete for government funding, as well as leverage the data you are required to collect to improve your recruitment efforts....
  • Affirmative Action Compliance Challenges in Healthcare

    No two industries are exactly alike which makes Affirmative Action compliance all the more challenging. Healthcare is a perfect example of a unique industry where managing Affirmative Action is no simple task. Read this article to learn from an expert.
  • OFCCP Compliance Checklist Starter Kit

    Contractors can never be too organized for compliance. Check out this abbreviated checklist and contact us for the more expansive version!
  • 2016 OFCCP Audit Review

    A review of current OFCCP audit activities.
  • 3 Reasons Why Affirmative Action Plan Outsourcing May Be Right For You

    Plus, eight add-on values that come with outsourcing your affirmative action plan development and support
  • Affirmative Action Plan Consultant Selection Guide

    A Contractor’s Guide to Choosing an AAP Consultant