Motivations by Cangrade Uncovers What Keeps Candidates and Employees Motivated at Work

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Cangrade ensures job satisfaction by sharing potential candidates’ top professional motivation.


CAMBRIDGE – March 23, 2021 – Cangrade , a leading bias-free AI-based hiring solution that accurately predicts employee success, announced the addition of Motivations to their Pre-Hire solutions to strengthen employers’ candidate acceptance rate and retention. 


In the hiring process, identifying a candidate’s potential fit for a role and organization can be rife with bias and inaccuracies . By focusing on assessing hard skills and culture fit companies squash diversity, miss hiring the right fit, and lose top talent. 


Cangrade’s Motivations gives employers bias-free, accurate data to ensure role and organization fit when used with Cangrade’s Fit Score, plus the knowledge needed to secure a candidate . A candidate’s Motivations are automatically identified on completion of Cangrade’s Pre-Hire Assessment. With each candidate’s identified Motivations, recruiters receive tips for pitching the job to the candidate and managers receive tips for managing their performance. Thus helping employers ensure job satisfaction and better manage performance and team assignments.


Motivations are also automatically shared with each candidate, giving them valuable feedback during the hiring process and HR teams an additional touchpoint. This in turn improves the candidate experience and the employer’s talent brand.


“As part of our ongoing partnership with Cangrade, Unum is thrilled to utilize the new Motivation feature! The tool is both user-friendly and incredibly impactful with both hiring managers and recruiters. It provides a quick yet detailed snapshot into the key motivations of candidates to ensure we’re selecting the best talent for our organization,” said Amanda Raffety, Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant at Unum.


"Focusing on motivations allows you to really embrace our core concept of holistic personality fit. Understanding what makes your potential hires tick will ensure that you are able to get folks in the door you can keep happy and will help support their managers to keep them that way. Every employee is a unique combination of traits and skills and making sure that these are supported and nurtured will help them thrive with your organization for years to come,” shared Dr. Liana Epstein, Cangrade’s Chief Operating and Analytics Officer.


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Cangrade’s AI-based technology provides organizations with accurate, bias-free predictive models of employee success. Cangrade’s Pre-Hire Assessments have been taken over 5 million times and its predictions are up to 10 times more accurate than traditional hiring methods. Around the world, Cangrade’s customers leverage their technology to improve job fit, remove bias from hiring decisions, and tie hiring to business outcomes. For more information, visit .


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