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  • Pre-Hire Assessments

    Measure 50 traits in 14 minutes on a desktop or mobile device. For each candidate, your Success Model generates a Fit Score based on their likelihood to succeed in that particular role. Our simple, color-coded talent pipeline interface and insightful reports then help you focus on your most... Read More
  • Structured Interview Guide

    Set your team up for objective hiring decisions and save them time. Once Cangrade has built your Success Model, it will automatically generate bias-free, personalized structured interview questions. Read More
  • Video Interviews

    Create a bias-free, remote-friendly interview experience by having candidates pre-record video responses to your Structured Interview Guide. Then let your hiring teams review, collaborate, and comment when it works for their schedules. Read More
White Papers by Cangrade
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    Discover how using AI in your hiring process can improve the quality of your sales hires and drive business results. Read more
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    Learn how AI can help your organization's remote hiring. Read more
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