Products by Cangrade
  • Pre-Hire Assessments

    Looking to hire effectively and efficiently? When candidates complete our 15-minute Pre-hire Assessment, we use machine-learning modeling to immediately identify which applicants will be high-performers, have higher potential to stay longer with the company, and are best fit for your workplace... Read More
  • Interview Guide

    We use predictive modeling to automatically generate a customized interview template tailored to your company’s unique values and goals, and offer a quick upload portal to store all related notes. Using this structured guide, you can increase the level of transparency, consistency, and... Read More
  • Guided Video Interview

    Similarly to the interview guide, our AI models automatically generate customized questions presented to the candidate through the video interview application on any desktop, tablet or smartphone. Recruiters see the applicant's video responses embedded right into the interview guide and rank the... Read More
White Papers by Cangrade
  • Bias Free Guarantee By

    In this paper, we describe how our machine learning techniques address potential result biases and adverse impact. Read more
  • The Cangrade Edge: Competitive Analysis By

    To be successful, a company must have a strong and strategic Human Resources approach. Decisions about talent recruitment and management will be critical to the achievement of business objectives and will drive ROI. Cangrade excels compared to the competition in Strategic Talent Management... Read more
  • Talent Data Analytics and Job Success Modeling in HCM By

    This white paper provides in depth look into the Data Science behind creating Job Success Models and their use for Pre-hire Assessments, Workforce Planning and Talent Management needs. Read more
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