Cangrade Helps Organizations Increase New Hire Quality with Free Job Description Decoder

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Cangrade’s new Job Description Decoder uncovers which soft skills to include in a job ad so companies find the perfect fit for their open positions.


CAMBRIDGE – April 13, 2021 – Cangrade, a leading bias-free AI-based hiring solution that predicts job candidate success, launched its Job Description Decoder, an easy and free way for organizations to reduce bias, improve their talent pipeline, and find the right fit for their roles by identifying the soft skills their candidates need for success.


Identifying the soft skills needed for success isn’t always straightforward, whereas hard skills are easy to identify and evaluate. Hence, hiring for hard skills is common practice, even though hiring for soft skills leads to a broader talent pipeline, more diversity, increased retention, and reduced bias, among many other benefits.


Cangrade’s Job Description Decoder is a powerful, easy-to-use tool built on Cangrade’s powerful psychometric data and I/O psychology. With a short survey, the Job Description Decoder pinpoints which soft skills will lead to success in a company’s open role, how to pinpoint those soft skills in an interview, and how to advertise for those skills.


Cangrade hopes organizations use this tool to shift the focus in their hiring to soft skills not only so they ensure mutual job satisfaction, but to improve equity in hiring - both of which are core to Cangrade’s mission.


Dr. Liana Epstein, Chief Operating and Analytics Officer at Cangrade shared, “Recruiters know the value of hiring for soft skills but don't always know where to start or how to do it effectively. To respond to this need, we're offering organizations, big and small, the ability to instantly highlight soft skills with Cangrade's Job Description Decoder. The Job Description Decoder utilizes decades of psychology research to make hiring for soft skills easy, accessible, and impactful. We hope it will help HR teams not only widen the funnel but encourage a higher diversity of applicants.”


Cangrade’s Job Description Decoder easily integrates into their Pre-Hire Assessments to help companies accurately and efficiently identify the candidates that have what it takes to succeed.


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