White Papers by AIRINC

  • Geographic Differentials in the U.S.

    Results from a recent pulse survey - 2021
  • Virtual Assignments

    AIRINC’s recent pulse survey on virtual assignments finds that this emerging type of mobility is top of mind for mobility professionals. Virtual assignments are defined as an arrangement in which the employee lives in one country but performs their job remotely in another country. While virtual...
  • Balancing Cost in Global Mobility

    While there are many steps to be taken to adapt to the emerging new normal created by COVID-19, there are two specific to global mobility policy that are important to address. First, we must enhance our duty of care offerings for employees. Not only is it our responsibility to promote the well...
  • 2020 Global Mobility Playbook

    Today's global mobility function needs a new playbook! A new way of focusing the function to meet the demands of 2020 and beyond. Creating the playbook: At every organization, the requirements of the mobility function are unique. Your function should focus on your company’s definition of...