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About CommonBond For Business
  • CommonBond For Business enables employers to provide a suite of student loan benefits to their employees, most notably the ability to contribute to their employees’ student loans (similar to a 401(k) match). CommonBond for Business was born out of the insight that the millennial workforce is increasingly looking to their employers to help them get on the path to financial wellness, and student debt is a large hurdle on that path.

    CommonBond For Business includes:
    1) Student Loan Evaluation offers customized repayment options and programs to every single employee with student debt, regardless of lender, income, or credit history, to help them best manage that debt.
    2) Student Loan Refinancing allows employees to replace their existing loan with a new loan at a lower interest rate, lower monthly payments, or both.
    3) Employer Contribution allows employers to contribute to their employees' student loans, helping them pay down their debt faster and gain future savings.
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Products by CommonBond For Business
  • Student Loan Evaluation

    A powerful online tool your employees will use to assess their student loans so they can get a personalized recommendation on the best way to manage their debt. Read more
  • Student Loan Refinancing

    The most competitive interest rates in the industry help your employees save $24,046, on average, by refinancing their student loans with CommonBond. Read more
  • Student Loan Employer Contribution

    A user-friendly platform that allows employers to seamlessly contribute to their employees student loans - regardless of lender - and help them pay down their debt faster. Read more
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    Student loan benefits are changing the industry. Today's workforce is looking for an employer that will help them tackle their biggest financial concern – student debt. But while 80% of candidates want student loan benefits, only 4% of companies are actually offering them. That's a big gap in... Read more
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