White Papers by TrueConnect

  • Guide: How to Budget Post COVID-19

    Budgets, once approved, are rarely changed or updated. With COVID-19, budgeting for the next year seems near impossible. HR leaders have the difficult task of weighing what their employees need vs. want. Download this guide for tips to effectively budget during a pandemic.
  • What to Consider When Considering an Employee Loan Program

    Employers are becoming more aware of the financial struggles their employees are experiencing. Roughly 25 million employees a year use payday and car title loans, paying triple-digit interest rates. One of the biggest reasons people are willing to pay such exorbitant rates for a loan is that...
  • Earned Income Advances vs. Small-Dollar Loan Programs

    The average unplanned expense is around $3,500. And, 71% of Americans in 2019 said they experienced a financial shock of $1,000 or greater. Earned income advances can be beneficial for your employees in some cases, but they don't solve for the unexpected expenses that more than two-thirds of the...
  • Whitepaper: How Employers Enable Financial Freedom

    It's no surprise that employees want Financial Freedom: The status of having enough income to pay living expenses for the rest of their lives without having to be employed or dependent on others. But, we also know that financial freedom requires hard work in the office, day-in and day-out to...