9/14/20 SHRM Leaderboard
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  • No Credit Check Program

    When employees suffer a financial crisis, we help employers save the day. Our No Credit Check program offers the same APR to all employees and approves all applications as long as they meet our standard employee guideline and eligibility requirements. Financial stress is a leading factor in... Read More
  • Credit Check Program

    When employees have great credit and have worked hard to build a stable financial history, they deserve to be rewarded. With TrueConnect, employees can reward themselves with easy to access loans at the lowest rate guaranteed. When you reward your employees who have great credit, you increase... Read More
White Papers by TrueConnect
  • Guide: How to Budget Post COVID-19 By

    Budgets, once approved, are rarely changed or updated. With COVID-19, budgeting for the next year seems near impossible. HR leaders have the difficult task of weighing what their employees need vs. want. Download this guide for tips to effectively budget during a pandemic. Read more
  • 10 Credit Score Myths By

    90% of individuals say that finances, including their credit score, negatively affect their daily stress levels. Download this guide to unpack credit score myths which can lead to excess stress. Read more
  • What to Consider When Considering an Employee Loan Program By

    Employers are becoming more aware of the financial struggles their employees are experiencing. Roughly 25 million employees a year use payday and car title loans, paying triple-digit interest rates. One of the biggest reasons people are willing to pay such exorbitant rates for a loan is that... Read more
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