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Products by Essium LLC
  • Essium’s PRYDE Compliance Platform

    Workforce compliance encompasses all the processes and documentation necessary to prove adherence to both internal and external rules and regulations governing how businesses manage employees and contractors performing work within the organization. While many systems offer compliance solutions,... Read More
  • PRYDE Features

    EVERYTHING ELECTRONIC Go paperless and manage every document and form in PRYDE. All data is retained in a secure database and always available when you need it. DIVIDE AND CONQUER Flexible grouping enables segmenting data by roles and responsibilities. Multiple levels of access provide a means... Read More
  • PRYDE Services

    PRYDE has many building blocks to construct complex forms and workflows. Our team of analyst and developers work tirelessly to understand the needs of our customers and help them realize their vision for solving their compliance problems. Here’s a list of compliance areas we’ve helped our... Read More