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  • Relocation Policy Development and Counseling

    HSR is proud to have extensive experience in the area of policy consulting. Our team averages more than 15 years each in the relocation industry. Many hold the CRP and GMS designations from Worldwide ERC, as well as state real estate licenses. Recognized as thought leaders, our team has... Read More
  • Domestic Relocation Management

    Our relocation services are personalized with every move. HSR’s service delivery team structure provides a single point of contact and accountability to both client administration and transferees. We utilize a network of vetted, professional service providers to work with your employees on all... Read More
  • Global Relocation Management

    Whether it’s a short-term assignment or a permanent transfer, our experienced Global Services Consultants ensure that your employees are fully supported and prepared for the journey ahead. Through pre-decision and international home finding, we also provide assistance and resources regarding... Read More

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  • Group Moves: Severance and stay bonus strategies By

    Perhaps your organization is moving to a new city to take advantage of lower costs. Or maybe there has been a merger and you need to consolidate forces. Whatever the reason, group moves present unique challenges for employee retention and productivity. This paper will explore how severance... Read more
  • The Paradox of Relocation Pricing By

    Do you know what your true employee relocation costs are? Would you like to know? There is a paradox in the way most relocation management companies (RMCs) earn money for their services that makes it difficult to align the RMC's goals with their client's goals. HomeServices Relocation's new... Read more
  • The Implications of Work-from-Anywhere on Relocation Benefits By

    Work-from-home is so 2020. Welcome to work-from-anywhere! What should HR do when an upskilled employee asks to relocate? Is there a duty of care responsibility for employers who approve employee-initiated moves? Read HomeServices Relocation's white paper to learn more. Read more

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