White Papers by Focused Momentum

  • Is Your Thinking Too Data-Driven?

    Management teams love data and their tools to analyze them, but they often expect more from them than they can deliver. When attention turns to planning, leadership teams expand their regular review of transactional reporting to include a business evaluation with assessment tools like the...
  • The Unique Risks We Face in Restarting Planning in 2021

    2020 was extremely difficult for most of us. The massive changes and uncertainty destabilized everything, the least of which was our planning and managing disciplines. We relied more on tactics than strategies to survive. However, as we enter our second year of this global pandemic, with...
  • How do you being a strategic planning process?

    For entrepreneurs or small business owners, the best time to start is now - today! For smaller businesses that have an annual planning cycle, we recommend starting in the 3rd quarter of the current fiscal year so that you can use your insights to set new goals for the next fiscal year.
  • Why do you need a strategic plan?

    The real value in dedicating the time and effort in strategic planning is the thinking that is stimulated that will ultimately spill over into every management conversations, formal and informal.
  • Epic Strategy: Transform Your Strategic Plan into Epic Strategy

    Learn how to apply the concepts of the hero's journey to develop strategic thinking! This approach relies on classic storytelling structure to strengthen business strategy development, engaging multiple stakeholders to leverage their thinking in your strategy development, and an intuitive...