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Products by Focused Momentum
  • Strategy Summit - Strategic Planning

    What is it? Strategy Summit® is a fully customized, in-depth strategic planning engagement. Each phase is designed and facilitated by the Focused Momentum® core team providing full access to all the Focused Momentum’s planning tools, techniques, and experience. This program unites all... Read More
  • Strategy Boost - Strategic Planning

    What is it? Strategy Boost™ is an expert facilitation for your next strategic planning meeting. We provide design, facilitation, and documentation expertise so you can fully participate in the discussion AND be sure the meeting’s objectives are met. With a Strategy Boost, you bring our vast... Read More
  • Strategy Class - Strategic Thinking Training

    What is it? Strategy Class® is a program to teach strategic thinking skills and strategic planning tools and methods. It is for company leaders that want to enhance their ability to think and lead with greater clarity and confidence. How does it work? Strategy Class®s delivered in half or... Read More
White Papers by Focused Momentum
  • 5 Elements of Strategic Thinking Capabilities By

    Today's fast-paced, ever-changing environments mean strategic thinking skills are more important than ever. Learn how to build them in your organization. Read more
  • Corporate strategy, business strategy, and functional strategy; Why so many? By

    Why are there so many types of strategy and how do you keep them all connected? Read more
  • Epic Strategy: Transform Your Strategic Plan into Epic Strategy By

    Learn how to apply the concepts of the hero's journey to develop strategic thinking! This approach relies on classic storytelling structure to strengthen business strategy development, engaging multiple stakeholders to leverage their thinking in your strategy development, and an intuitive... Read more