Introducing: The Source and Recruit Forum

Press Release from The Source and Recruit Company

We are thrilled to introduce The Source and Recruit Forum, a free online platform for the advancement and development of professionals in the recruitment field. This site aims to be a dynamic space where recruitment professionals can share events, trainings, tools, tips and tricks, discuss industry needs and trends, and connect with like-minded individuals. While online communities do take time to build, new content is being added daily and we expect this forum will eventually grow to 100,000+ members.

You are invited to participate in the early stage of the General Public Release. During the next few months, testing will continue to ensure that the forum delivers the best possible experience to its future users.

Please feel welcome to explore the subjects of the forum, start some discussions, and share feedback on usability, content relevance, and overall user experience if so inclined. Your insights will be instrumental in identifying areas for improvement and ensuring the platform and its settings meet the needs of recruitment professionals.

Here’s some suggestions on how to dive in!

  1. Read the forum rules.
  2. Bookmark the site, register as a member, create your signature, and upload an avatar.
  3. Say hello!
  4. Engage in discussions and contribute content if you wish.
  5. Provide any feedback or category requests here.

Active threads will start indexing with search engines in approximately two months - a big reason we’re choosing the forum platform vs. LinkedIn Groups, Threads and other online communities.

In time, The Source and Recruit Forum will be a diverse treasure trove of talent acquisition know-how. I hope to see you in the community soon!

Best regards,

Matthew Burzon, SHRM-SCP, Founder/Principal

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