Introducing Outplacement and Right Placement Services

Press Release from The Source and Recruit Company

The Source and Recruit Company is thrilled to unveil our latest offering: innovative outplacement and right placement services tailored for both employers and job seekers navigating transitions.

Thanks to recent breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Source and Recruit has revolutionized the way we support career shifts. For only $1,000, this package offers resume support, deep insights into talent supply, salary intelligence, and immediate job alerts tailored just for you. These alerts trigger personalized skill-marketing emails to the job posting hiring managers, and simultaneously we market your skills to relevant hiring managers to find referrals and tap into those hidden, upcoming opportunities. 500 personalized skill marketing emails in all. The best part? If we earn a fee securing your placement, we refund your outplacement expense in full!*

Ready to move forward or help support others in their career journey? Discover more about this seamless transition solution here or contact us at [email protected].

Here’s to opening new doors and embracing new beginnings. Remember, behind every ending is a new opportunity!

Best regards,

Matthew Burzon, SHRM-SCP

President, The Source and Recruit Company

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