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  • Workforce Development & Training

    We provide a variety of training and workforce development services to clients including: - Provide project management for large-scale, regional or state-wide workforce development initiatives - Design/develop training programs - virtually any topic because of our extensive consultant... Read More
  • Executive & Leadership Development

    - Executive Coaching - Leadership Development - Succession Planning - Mentoring - Hi-Potential Development and Planning - Develop competency models for executives and leaders - Develop internship programs or youth outreach programs - Executive compensation analysis, structure &... Read More
  • Organizational/People Assessment

    - Organizational Assessment - Needs assessment, Process analysis - Individual Assessments - Career, Personality, Teams, Leadership, etc. The first step in implementing change within an organization or with an individual, is understanding the nature/function of the organization, or developing an... Read More
  • Organizational Development/Effectiveness and Change Initiatives

    - Change initiatives - Performance Consulting - diagnosis, design, implementation, evaluation - Process redesign/restructure - Aligning HR processes to organizational goals, competencies and systems - Developing improvement initiatives around: - Performance/Motivation/Reinforcers -... Read More
  • Human Resources Processes, Services and Systems

    We assist Clients who are just beginning to design or establish human resources structures, processes or services. We also assist Clients who are on the leading edge of human performance technology and development and are looking to be a recognized leader when it comes to Best Places to Work or... Read More
  • Strategic & Organizational Planning

    When we work with an organization, we look at the strategic and operational plans for that organization so we can align the change initiative we’re doing with their direction, objectives and strategies. Organizations that we work with are at all stages of beginning or having completed a... Read More
  • Individual Career, Assessment and Coaching Services

    - Career advising/planning - Career transitions - Career assessment - determining fit between interests, skills and careers - Coaching - confidential 1-1 sessions - Personality assessments and skill & aptitude assessments - Skill development Read More
  • Hoshin Planning, Lean & Six Sigma

    We work with clients using operational excellence and effectiveness tools: 1. Hoshin Planning - procoess of consensus building strategic or project planning 2. Lean - concepts include streamlining processes and eliminating waste, can be used in a variety of industries including manufacturing,... Read More
  • Compensation (Rewards) Services

    With recent compensation changes based on the new administration's changed regulations and new laws, certified compensation professional services are needed by a significant number of both businesses and non-profits. Some areas where organizations have been seeking expertise from consultants... Read More
  • Performance Appraisal & Management Services

    Providing feedback on performance is the basis for motivating a workforce, if done well. If used in an ineffective manner, feedback (or lack of) can also be very de-motivating. Feedback needs to be provided in a balanced (both affirming & adjusting), fair and frequent manner. Formalized... Read More
  • International Management Consulting

    - Mapping NGO initiatives and effectiveness within a region - International development - Multi-national human capital strategies and processes - Mergers and acquisitions (domestic & multi-national) - Integrating global operations, systems, processes - Downsizing - risk management and retention... Read More
  • Retention, Outplacement & People Planning

    With four generations in the workforce, retention and people planning strategies are more complex because of the need to manage the variety of work motivations and behaviors of these groups. For instance, the "free agency" nature of younger generations makes the need for retention strategies and... Read More
  • Talent Development/Recruiting

    "Ensuring that you have the right people in the right positions." We provide talent development and planning, recruiting and selection services including: - Define appropriate jobs/positions necessary for company objectives, growth, etc. - Ensure alignment of talent development with all other... Read More
  • Adventure-Based/Outdoor Team & Leadership Programs

    - Outdoor/adventure leadership trips/programs - “Adventure Day” – scavenger-like hunt with challenges around a city - Outdoor/adventure team trips/programs - “Challenge-courses” through associating Universities - Adventure-based (indoor) [experiential learning] activities - Hike Leaders... Read More
  • Legal Training - HR Topics

    C4IOE partners with Littler Mendelson, The National Labor Law Firm, and its attorneys to provide training and consulting services to Clients regarding compliance and labor law topics. Read More
  • Training for Trainers and Presenters

    We enjoy working with colleagues. These are some of the services we offer for professional trainers, coaches, facilitators & presenters: - Train-the-Coach - Train-the-Trainer - Train-the-Facilitator - Professional Presentation and Speaking - Designing/Developing Training Curriculum -... Read More
  • Facilitation of Conferences, Retreats and Meetings

    - Facilitation of meetings - Conference planning and logistics - Retreats - planning and delivery of We offer meeting/event planning, logistical management, and hosting/leading services for Conferences, Retreats and Meetings. We can provide these services at a location identified by a Client,... Read More
  • Knowledge Transfer, Technical Writing, Procedures / SOPs& Technical Training

    We provide training and technical documentation solutions including technical writing - Procedures / SOPs, Self-Study, OJT (on the job), Classroom. Some of the OJT training processes we’ve designed have helped our clients transfer knowledge between skilled senior (perhaps retiring) employees and... Read More
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