TLB 8.6.18
Products by Center for Individual & Organizational Effectiveness
  • Workforce Development & Training

    We provide a variety of training and workforce development services to clients including: - Provide project management for large-scale, regional or state-wide workforce development initiatives - Design/develop training programs - virtually any topic because of our extensive consultant... Read More
  • Executive & Leadership Development

    - Executive Coaching - Leadership Development - Succession Planning - Mentoring - Hi-Potential Development and Planning - Develop competency models for executives and leaders - Develop internship programs or youth outreach programs - Executive compensation analysis, structure &... Read More
  • Organizational/People Assessment

    - Organizational Assessment - Needs assessment, Process analysis - Individual Assessments - Career, Personality, Teams, Leadership, etc. The first step in implementing change within an organization or with an individual, is understanding the nature/function of the organization, or developing an... Read More
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