White Papers by ActiveOps

  • ActiveOps Hybrid Data Playbook

    Optimizing Productivity, Employee Engagement, and Organizational Agility in Banking
  • The Right Way to Monitor Productivity

    As employees struggle to balance work and life, employers wrestle with their organization’s increasingly erratic schedules, work output, and communication. It’s become natural to wonder if the organization is performing at the same level as when employees worked onsite. There’s only one way...
  • The CIO Perspective

    Remote working is the most obvious change to the landscape, but that topic has multiple nuances to consider. Managers are remote from their reports, making managing them and gathering data on their productivity harder. But so too are colleagues remote from each other, which has impacts on...
  • COVID-19 and Its Impacts on Shared Services Delivery Models

    For the past few months, global economies have been roiled by the COVID-19 shutdown imposed on employee productivity and business operations – both as a result of offices being closed as well as supply chains interrupted. The impact has extended to cash flow, with cash collections a major...