Products by Pingboard

  • Employee Directory

    Your people are your biggest asset. Our employee directory makes it easier than ever for them to learn about, find, and connect with each other. An employee’s profile shows the basics, like their email address and phone number, but you can customize what else they share, like Myers-Briggs type,... Read More
  • 1:1 Meetings

    Today’s employees want regular feedback, but managers don’t always know how to conduct an effective 1:1. Pingboard 1:1s, available as a part of the Develop add-on, is more than just another meeting; it helps cultivate a relationship. Both people are reminded to prepare so the meeting itself... Read More
  • Peer Recognition

    Check out a person’s profile to see work they were recognized for, giving you context about what they worked on and the unique skills and perspective they bring. As a leader, it’s easy to sign up to be notified every time someone on your team, in your office, or across the org receives peer... Read More

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  • Help Your Team Get the Most Out of Employee Growth Roadmaps Posted