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  • Optify Online Coaching Platform

    Optify is a customizable browser-based tool designed to build a leadership pipeline through scalable online coaching. Built by certified coaches, Optify helps organizations expand their capacity and bottom-line success through personalized development. The platform includes a coaching dashboard... Read More
  • Optify Leadership Coaching Services

    Optify Coaching brings transformational leadership development to your organization through accredited and carefully vetted coaches. Optify Coaches use our proprietary platform and custom-developed tools, surveys, and assessments in structured engagements while creating a safe space for your... Read More

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  • The Business Case for Coaching Leaders at the Middle of the Organization By

    For decades, organizations have invested in executive coaches for their most senior leaders to build capacity and provide strategic leadership from the top down. Executives consider these engagements vital to their growth and often credit their coaches with helping them to discover new ways of... Read more

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