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  • Pharmacy Benefits Management Solutions

    With pharmacy costs rising at an astonishing rate, we provide solutions to protect employers from outrageous pharmacy spend. RightTurnRx delivers efficient and effective pharmacy cost containment to employers of all sizes, saving an average of 20%-50% or more on prescription costs.

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  • A Better Turn for Cost Savings

    The Power of Expert Analysis and Thoughtful Plan Design. If there’s one consistency in messaging throughout the self-funded marketplace, it’s this: our innovative solutions deliver enhanced benefits and big savings. But with so many TPAs promising the same thing, it can be challenging for...

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  • The Right Turn For Your Benefits

    At 90 Degree Benefits company, we believe the right health plan does more than just provide benefits – it takes your business in the right direction. Whether you’re looking to transition from being fully insured, or are interested in self-funding with a new plan administrator, 90 Degree...

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