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yüMIvü -- The People Chemistry Platform from Collaboration Insights -- helps business teams engage better by working the way we are uniquely wired. yüMIvü is a transformational approach to understanding ourselves and others around us. Traditional personality assessments provide point-in-time assessment results, which must be processed and remembered. In contrast, yüMIvü is always on, always coaching. With yüMIvü, you can socially share and compare your yüMIvü profile with others around you who you invite into your yüMIvü group.

You quickly learn where there’s smooth sailing and where there’s a need to be mindful of how one another is simply "wired differently." Plus, yüMIvü is connected to your daily work tasks and personal life, always coaching on where to find the common ground that will bring people chemistry to life.

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By Collaboration Insights, Inc

Work the Way You’re Wired. yüMIvü provides actionable insights into yourself and those around you to make collaboration the best it can be. Get started with the free Better Chemistry Collection. Create your profile to learn how you are wired to work. Then, you can start sharing and comparing... Read more »