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Find companies that specialize in team building activities, offsite retreats, and custom corporate events to coordinate your team building activity or offsite retreat. Build coworker trust, boost morale, and strengthen your workforce through team building events that fit your organization’s needs and budget.

Creating a positive work environment is an important role for HR professionals, and team bonding is an important aspect of working together to reach shared business goals. Team building exercises help employees create personal connections, especially in times of remote work and high turnover, however the time and stress involved in planning corporate events may cost your HR team valuable resources.

Whether you are looking to plan an in-person or virtual team building activity, or plan an offsite retreat to improve company culture, evaluate providers to assist your HR team with a full range of event planning services. From creating events, building travel packages, suggesting agendas, managing guests, and tracking costs to providing an on-site facilitator, find what you need for a successful team building event in this list of top providers.

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Center for Internal Change

Proven Training and Development Solutions

Rating: 5/5 - 1 review

Center for Internal Change expertly deploys a variety of unique services designed for team building and leadership development, both in in-person and virtual settings. Utilizing proven tools like the Everything DiSC personality tests and Vital Learning's Leadership Essentials Skills series, we create personalized learning environments that promote teamwork, improve communication, and foster leadership. Whether you're planning on-site corporate retreats or virtual get-togethers, our transformative, experiential initiatives are destined to boost employee engagement and strengthen your team.


Rating: 5/5 - 59 reviews

INTOO is the compassionate response to layoffs. Knowing that the most crucial component to career transition is personalized, one-on-one career coaching, we connect candidates with professional coaches faster than any other provider to accelerate that next step in your employees’ careers. Our...

EngagedLeadership, LLC

Executive & Corporate Coaching Services

Rating: 5/5 - 12 reviews

EngagedLeadership, LLC is a trailblazer in team building through its group training, offering both onsite and virtual programs designed to foster leadership development and construct high-performing teams. Our action-focused sessions, supported by skilled coaches, enable thriving team dynamics. Whether it's senior leaders, managers, or individual contributors, our leadership coaching permeates every level, offering customized solutions through engaging workshops, assessments, and consultations for all business landscapes.

Cura HR

Elevate Your HR

Cura HR serves as your steadfast human resources partner, expertly guiding your organization's team building, leadership development, and talent management initiatives. We offer unique and effective programs that don't just facilitate team growth but strategically cultivate dynamic, high-performing teams ready to tackle challenges head-on. Using top-tier people assessment tools and methods, our team building and development programs are designed to foster cohesive and productive work environments, ensuring your organization's talent thrives at peak potential.

Center for Coaching Certification specializes in delivering tailored team-building programs and corporate retreats catering to your unique business objectives and dynamics. We excel in providing both on-site and virtual team-building activities, driven by our robust coaching methods, to promote effective relationships, manage conflicts, and enhance leadership skills within your team. Our highly skilled coaches enhance collaborative skills, foster effective communication, and promote a culture of synergy. Our solutions are uniquely designed to employ an optimal mix of individual and group coaching, ensuring holistic development and fostering a thriving work environment whether physically present or digitally connected.

Ulliance, Inc.

Enhancing People. Improving Business.

Rating: 5/5 - 17 reviews

Ulliance, Inc. focuses on facilitating transformation through strategic organizational development, shaping stronger teams, and nurturing successful leaders. By offering solutions such as Team Building & Development sessions, Leadership & Executive Coaching, and dynamic Leadership Retreats, Ulliance empowers the entire workforce by enhancing communication, fostering teamwork, and nurturing time management.

Team Building Training: Strong leaders understand the importance of creating a team that works effectively together. Build solid teams through confidence, consensus, collaboration, and commitment. Identifying effective team-building elements such as diversity, empathy, and trust are the keys to creating teams that...
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Training Solutions, Inc.

Products and Solutions to Train and Retain the Right Employees

Rating: 5/5 - 1 review

The Five Behaviors Personal Development: This assessment and program is a spin off of the popular Five Behaviors program for teams. Teamwork starts at the individual level. But in a modern workplace that is high-speed and high-stakes, how can you equip people to quickly build cohesiveness and deliver results? We have the...
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Insight Global

Premier Staffing & Talent: Hire Staff, Find Jobs

Rating: 5/5 - 10 reviews

Insight Global specializes in culture consulting, offering businesses transformative virtual and in-person team-building workshops and experiences that inspire growth and improve performance. Our workshops, such as "Anatomy of a Connected Team," "Building Trust," and "Elevating Team Performance," focus on fostering a positive, connected, and high-performing team culture. As experts in culture consulting, we are uniquely positioned to support businesses in their journey toward a more connected, positively charged, and result-driven team culture.

Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH)

Talent Mobility Solutions at Every Level for Every Employee

Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH) is a distinguished provider specializing in leadership and team development, striking the perfect blend of in-person and virtual team-building activities. We are committed to unlocking the collective potential of your organization's people through innovative solutions, including diagnostics, assessments, coaching, and customizable learning journeys. From empowering first-time managers to inspiring high-potential leaders, LHH drives success by cultivating superior leadership capabilities to support your business strategy, build happier teams, and create impactful leaders.

WinShape Teams

Leadership & Team Retreats

Rating: 5/5 - 18 reviews

Team & Leadership Retreats: Reimagine your company retreat as a chance to be reinvigorated. Instead of conference rooms and corporate jargon, expect tailored content and impactful moments that help your team focus on growing together. Whether at our campus or in your neck of the woods, our one-, two- and three-day retreats...
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Work Smart Consulting

Resilient Leader. Team Building. Performance Improvement.

Rating: 5/5 - 4 reviews

Work Smart Consulting specializes in providing innovative solutions for team development by implementing techniques that foster high-performing teams. We offer a unique team-building approach through our Innovation Lab, where teams learn to solve problems with confidence and set new standards for high performance. Leveraging Lean Six Sigma tools and a variety of assessments, Work Smart Consulting assists organizations in enhancing strategy, goals, and overall team performance, ultimately fostering a work environment that thrives on creativity, collaboration, and excellence.


Unforgettable Team Building Experieces

Rating: 5/5 - 10 reviews

Team Building Activities for Remote & Hybrid Teams: Discover and book virtual team building experiences designed to improve your company culture and strengthen connections in the workplace. Choose from hundreds of experiences and dozens of collections, including: - Seasonal Celebrations: Find memorable moments to celebrate your employees...
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Learning Management System Solution Provider

Brainier provides a comprehensive and versatile learning solution catering to organizations looking for innovative team building and development resources. Our gamification features not only make learning engaging but also further promote team collaboration through shared leaderboards, earning badges, and friendly company-wide competitions. We foster a strong team-building dynamic through forums, learner directories, real-time chat, and video chat, which enable direct, effective communication and foster an environment of collective growth in the virtual space or during an offsite planning retreat.

Founded more than 50 years ago when Fred Pryor pioneered the "one-day seminar," Pryor Learning has become one of the nation's leading corporate training providers, offering in-person and online training to millions of individuals and organizations—from small and mid-sized businesses to...

Center for Individual & Organizational Effectiveness

Center For Individual & Organizational Effectiveness

Rating: 5/5 - 7 reviews

Adventure-Based/Outdoor Team & Leadership Programs: - Outdoor/adventure leadership trips/programs - “Adventure Day” – scavenger-like hunt with challenges around a city - Outdoor/adventure team trips/programs - “Challenge-courses” through associating Universities - Adventure-based (indoor) [experiential learning] activities - Hike Leaders...
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Talent Edge Group

Transforming Leaders and Organizations for Lasting Impact

Rating: 5/5 - 7 reviews

Team Dynamics: Unlock the true potential of your team with our customized team building and team dynamics programs. Our carefully designed programs are designed to bring your team members closer together, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment that boosts efficiency, creativity, and overall...
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Providing Employee Benefits for 30 Years!

Rating: 5/5 - 39 reviews

FunEx provides an array of fun activities and discounted tickets as a unique approach to team building and company retreats. Our programs, scalable for companies of all sizes, bring together employees for shared experiences ranging from amusement parks to drama theaters, boosting morale and enhancing team dynamics both in-person and virtually. With 30+ years of experience in delivering top-notch service, we're committed to driving engagement and fostering a vibrant work culture for your organization.

Blue Beyond Consulting, Inc.

Building effective organizations where business and people thrive

Culture Consulting: Build a high-performing workplace culture rooted in Deep Trust and High Expectations Organizational cultures characterized by both Deep Trust and High Expectations™ are most effective at delivering superior employee engagement and sustainable business results. We specialize in helping our...
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Artesian Collaborative, LLC

Psychotherapy and Training for Effective Change

Rating: 5/5 - 4 reviews

Artesian Collaborative, LLC takes a therapist-led approach to team building and retreats, focusing on creating dynamic personal growth and team cohesion. Our services range from orchestrating corporate workshops on mental health, diversity, equity, and emotional intelligence to individualized guidance that takes into account the specific needs of each participant. We provide an interactive, safe environment, also offering crisis support services— all with an aim to foster resilience and unity within your team.

Ignite Learning Technology

Serious Games for building agile teams

Team Building Training: Our online team building trainings offers a 3-hour deep dive Agile and Scrum Training with FORCCE teaching key principles and best practices for better teamwork. We apply experiential learning to keep individuals engaged and start applying learnings.
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Team Building Activities: Engage your team with Strayboots' Hybrid Team Building & Company Relay activities. Designed for both remote and on-site team members, our activities foster collaboration and camaraderie through fun scavenger hunts and trivia challenges. Customize the experience for your company for a unique...
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With over 12,000 events under our belt, we have the experience to help you plan and execute successful corporate events whether they're virtual, hybrid, or in-person. Our all-in-one event managment platform will be there with end-to-end technology support throughout the life-cycle of your event.

The Go Game creates fun, engaging, and uniquely tailored team-building experiences to enhance corporate culture and improve employee retention. Whether it's an interactive virtual game show, a cell phone scavenger hunt, or a hybrid event, we incorporate play and creativity to connect and celebrate your teams. From professional development sessions to diversity and inclusion events, we leverage our proprietary technology platform to foster stronger relationships and a vibrant work culture.

Experience unbeatable team building with WITS Team Building's dynamic and engaging improv-based activities, tailored to meet your organization's goals and strengthen team bonds. Choose from in-person corporate retreats or exciting virtual team building events and create an unforgettable, fun-filled experience for your team. Harness the power of laughter, collaboration, and problem-solving with our custom workshops, designed for improved teamwork and cohesion among your team members.

FireFly Team Events ignites bonding and collaboration with a distinctive blend of in-person and virtual team building activities. Our offerings range from engaging, playful competitions to over 40 wacky yet impactful activities like battle-bot style competitions to charity-driven events, each designed to spark connection, creativity, and a shared sense of achievement. With top-rated services trusted by brands like Google, Amazon, and RedBull, we help teams find synergy in the most exciting ways, all tailored to meet your unique organizational needs.

TeamOut is a comprehensive platform revolutionizing the way corporate retreats are planned and executed for effective team building. Leveraging our database of over 2,500 unique venues worldwide and facilitated by dedicated trip designers, we ensure a hassle-free experience from venue selection, transportation, and engaging activities. Our services provide exceptional team-building experiences, cost-effective retreat planning, and unforgettable moments, providing unparalleled offsite experiences.

Marco is a dynamic team building platform committed to promoting team connectivity and culture-building through extraordinary in-person and virtual experiences. Catering to companies like Slack and Coinbase, we offer diverse experiences ranging from food and drinks to arts & crafts, and impeccable team retreats featuring unique venues and unforgettable activities. Marco makes it simpler than ever to bring your people together and boost employee engagement, wherever they are.

At Watson Adventures, we offer innovative, engaging scavenger hunts and trivia games for groups and remote teams, turning team building into a fun experience. Our activities, both in-person and virtual, are designed to enhance collaboration and team spirit, with clients ranging from corporations to social gatherings and schools. Watson Adventures merges entertainment and team-building covering a wide range, from city explorations to mystery-solving games, providing unparalleled team-building solutions.

Deva Industries Inc., a dedicated organizational development company, offers 'Engaged Excellence' - a unique approach to team building designed to foster collaboration and elevate organizational performance. We work closely with teams to solve challenges and drive evolution, also leveraging lean Six Sigma and quality systems expertise in collaboration with Sam Windsor. Be it on-site or virtual, our team building solutions aim at instilling cohesion, efficiency, and harmony in your workforce.

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