Bright Breaks Delivers 1 Million Minutes of Wellness in 2023

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Virtual Workday Wellness Break Platform Revolutionizes Remote Work and Reaches New Milestone.

Bright Breaks, the innovative Canadian company dedicated to making remote work fun, healthy, and more productive, is excited to announce that its burgeoning global community consumed an impressive 1 million minutes of wellness in the year 2023. The global workforce becomes more robust and productive when adding microbreaks to its daily schedule.

Most of the workforce welcomes the freedom and flexibility that remote work provides but with a caveat. Data from the World Economic Forum shows that nearly half of employees have reported feeling lonely or isolated working from home in the wake of the pandemic. Mounting evidence indicates that the impact of remote work carries significant and adverse ramifications for mental health, as well as a rise in pain, stress, depression, fatigue, quality of life, strain, and happiness.

Bright Breaks offers a novel solution. “The idea for an online wellness platform was born during the pandemic to offer relief by connecting our own workforce with weekly live wellness classes,” explains CEO David Howe. “As business got back to normal, we discovered that 30 to 60-minute breaks were just too long. Our team preferred short workday breaks. Seven minutes was all it took to improve our overall well-being, after we experimented with different break lengths on the platform, our users agreed.”

Research indicates that taking short breaks during working hours is beneficial for individuals’ health and productivity, especially when encouraged by managers. Bright Breaks is designed for maximum impact with minimal legwork for Human Resources departments. Corinne Byrd from Bloomerang is enthusiastic: “It’s surprising how just seven minutes of exercise or stretching has made such a difference in my day, and my energy.” Taking a microbreak makes employees feel less fatigued and more effective after the break.

Bright Breaks uses AI to schedule 7-minute wellness breaks into employees’ calendars every day. There are 300 live wellness breaks offered each week, with 14 hours of live content per day. In addition, more than 500 on-demand breaks are available 24/7. Content includes movement, stretching, breathing, nutrition, and personal development, plus challenges that encourage teams to compete and have fun.

Jodi Paul from Liaison Creative confirms: “When I first started taking Bright Breaks about a year ago, I was at fitness level zero. Then I found the 7-minute stretch. I can hardly describe how it feels to have come so far in a year. Definitely take your Bright Breaks! You’ll love them. It’s great self-care.”

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Bright Breaks is a technology-enabled workplace well-being platform designed to address the challenges of hybrid and remote work. Offering a comprehensive selection of live and on-demand content, Bright Breaks is committed to encouraging employee well-being and productivity. The company’s mission is to inspire 1 million employees to take regular wellness breaks by 2025. To learn more about Bright Breaks, visit

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