Bright Breaks Announces Engaging Team-Based Wellness Challenges to Ignite Remote & Hybrid Work Well-Being

Press Release from Bright Breaks

Bright Breaks, a leading provider of live wellness breaks for remote and hybrid employees, is excited to announce the launch of team-based wellness challenges. This brand-new feature boosts employee engagement and well-being while fostering healthy competition and camaraderie.

HR teams rejoice—this innovative addition takes the guesswork out of organizing fun, inclusive activities that address the unique needs of a remote workforce.

No more piecing together solutions or chasing down participation data. With Bright Breaks team challenges, engagement is tracked seamlessly. As employees take their regular 7-minute breaks—which are guided by expert educators and live-streamed on the web—their activity automatically contributes to their team’s score on the leaderboard. This encourages friendly competition in the spirit of well-being at work.

Why Team Challenges Work:

  • Competition sparks connection and play: A little friendly rivalry goes a long way in injecting fun and excitement into the workday. Team challenges encourage employees to connect and collaborate, fostering a sense of belonging and purpose within the remote environment.
  • Effortless participation for everyone: Busy schedules are no excuse. By integrating with existing Bright Breaks breaks, challenges ensure maximum inclusivity. Even those who might initially resist taking solo breaks are more likely to join in when teamed up with colleagues.
  • Holistic well-being, covered: Bright Breaks’ diverse library of live sessions addresses a wide range of needs while alleviating the aches and pains of desk work. Challenges encourage teams to explore different areas of well-being, promoting a well-rounded approach to healthy living.

Benefits for HR Teams:

  • Reduce administrative burden: Say goodbye to planning and managing complex wellness initiatives. Bright Breaks handles everything, from setting up challenges to tracking progress and awarding rewards.
  • Boost employee engagement and satisfaction: Happy, healthy employees are more productive and engaged. Team challenges provide a fun way to combat isolation, build stronger teams, and ultimately cultivate a thriving remote work culture.
  • Showcase your commitment to employee well-being: Demonstrate your dedication to employee health and happiness by offering fun, impactful wellness programs like Bright Breaks team challenges.

Ready to energize your remote workforce and unleash the power of playful competition? Visit Bright Breaks today to learn more about team challenges and how they can transform your company’s approach to remote well-being.

### About Bright Breaks

Bright Breaks is on a mission to make employee well-being a seamless part of the remote and hybrid workday. They offer a unique platform of live, 7-minute wellness breaks led by expert instructors designed to combat the negative effects of desk work and boost productivity, focus, and overall employee happiness. The easy-to-use platform integrates with existing workflows, making it simple for HR teams to offer effective wellness programs without adding to their workload.

Join the Bright Breaks movement and unlock the full potential of your remote workforce. Visit to learn more.

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