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MoodRx introduces the industry’s first targeted employee mental health solution called the MoodRx Targeted Benefit Platform or TBP. Traditional mental health EAPs offer limited support for mental health needs and have less than 7% average utilization, leading to peanut-butter spread benefits that don’t apply to most of the employee population and lack enough effectiveness for the small population that needs these benefits the most.

At MoodRx, we start out by creating a baseline of mental health issues distributed across a company and generate analytics that show high, medium, and low need employees. This allows an employer to designate a higher volume and intensity of support for higher need employees, thereby increasing the utilization and effectiveness for all employees. Instead of peanut-butter spreading 3-6 sessions per employee as a benefit, we recommend assigning a higher level of care to high and medium acuity employees and a standard preventative level of care for all others. In addition, we offer recommendations and a launch toolkit to ensure that the employee population is educated and aware of the benefits so that their utilization is higher which leads to a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce. As mental health issues also directly affect physical health, the targeted benefits lead to an overall healthier employee, and it reduces the overall cost for an employer.

Our solution is very simple for employees and employers to implement and use. For employees, we start with clinical self-assessments. An employee can then request a 15-minute consultation with a MoodRx clinician to help them create a plan for addressing any mental health issues via therapy or coaching. Employee specific information is never shared with the employer, but the employer sees aggregate anonymized reports to monitor the effectiveness of the therapy program and tweak the benefits needed to keep their employees healthy. We also offer analytics only option for those employers who may already have a therapy provider engaged. We can offer them the targeted approach so that their current benefits are being utilized more effectively.

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By MoodRx.com

Mental Health Solutions for Businesses & Organizations Key Features: - View de-identified current trend of mental health data for your employees - contact us for more information - Ability for employees to take free digital self-assessments - Use trend data to better cater to your employees' mental health wellbeing with targeted mental health... Read more »

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