White Papers for SHRM Human Resource Vendor Directory

  • Case Study - Staff Now Inc. - Temp Agency in Columbus, Ohio

    One of our valued clients in the light industrial sector, based in Columbus, Ohio, approached us with a substantial staffing challenge. They had more than 50 open positions to fill, all in preparation for the launch of new production lines set to begin in June 2023. This significant task was...
  • Giving Parents the Clarity and Confidence to Thrive at Home and Work

    Each month Peace at Home Parenting experts design and deliver proven solutions that quickly produce positive results for working parents. This knowledge and support helps working parents thrive at home and come to work with more energy and focus.
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: 10 Best Practices

    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) have been hot topics in the business community over the past few years. Yet for DEI to be more than a buzzword, companies must integrate it with business strategy and weave DEI values into everyday company culture. getAbstract’s new guide offers ten best...
  • YuMuuv App Deck

    A deck that gives you an overview about YuMuuv Wellness Challenges
  • Skills Gaps: The Hidden Costs of Ignoring Employee Development

    The current and future world of work is best characterized by uncertainty and continuous development, in large part driven by technological breakthroughs and new ways of seeing, understanding, and doing work. And in such a rapidly evolving context, it’s no wonder skills gaps have become one of...
  • Actuary Magazine Pet Insurance Article 2018

    This is comprehensive article on pet insurance from the American Association of Actuaries 2018 issue.
  • How to Comply With the New I-9 Form Requirements and Regulations

    There’s a new mandated I-9 form, which employers and employees must start using by October 31st. After that date, you will face penalties if you haven’t switched to the new form. Flex HR outlines the important changes and how to go about implementing this change within your company.
  • The One Question to Ask to See if You Need a New Retirement Plan Advisor

    The most important decision that a 401(k) or 403(b) plan sponsor makes is hiring the right advisor. As advisors go, there are more dabblers pretending to know, than professionals. While retirement plan sponsors are waking up to the importance of choosing the right retirement plan, they are...
  • Mastering Change: How to Implement Successful Change Management Strategies

    This white paper provides a comprehensive overview of how to implement successful change management strategies in order to effectively navigate the challenges of organizational change.
  • What To Know About Nondiscrimination Testing

    If you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or a Premium Only Plan (POP), the IRS requires you to submit to non-discrimination testing once a year. This is to ensure that a company's Medical or Dependent Care FSA treat all employees equally, and do not favor key or highly-compensated employees...
  • Learnflix Schematic

    Learnflix Schematic
  • Employee Handbook Facts

    The Handbook Creation Process.
  • Leadership Trends in 2023

    The year 2023 brings forth a unique set of circumstances that demand innovative leadership approaches. This white paper explores the key leadership trends that are expected to shape the corporate landscape in 2023. It delves into the importance of visionary leadership, the rise of remote work,...
  • Compassion Fatigue: A Guide for Leaders in Today’s Workplace

    As a working professional, two types of stress bring about mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion: burnout and compassion fatigue. As a person in a leadership role, one of those is becoming more prominent and too often mislabelled to be the other, more common type, burnout. I’m here to tell...
  • 2023: Gender Lens in Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

    The cost of healthcare is a common concern among employees. In one survey, 61% of pre-retirees reported being concerned about having enough money to pay for healthcare in retirement. Estimates show that an average 65-year-old couple retiring today will need about $296,000 to cover...