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  • Create An Inspired Company Culture Through Document Management Software

    Positive company culture can go a long way toward creating happier, more productive, and more satisfied employees. Additionally, this is a viable step in the right direction for companies needing to maximize human capital.
  • Transform Your HR Department

    Redundant processes are the bane to productivity and efficiency. Your HR departments main focus should be people and not paper.
  • Human Resources, Dave Ulrich Model, and Document Management

    Known in Human Resources as a “management guru” with great ideas for everything from company leadership to corporate growth, David Ulrich is first and foremost the father of modern HR. The author of numerous books about Human Resources and the role it plays in an organization, Ulrich is someone...
  • How Justin Mastrantuoni At DON Services Reclaimed 700 Square Feet of Office Space

    Justin Mastrantuoni is the Director of Human Resources for a nonprofit called DON Services. Don Services helps 400 people with disabilities out of institutions by providing them the resources they need to live as independently as possible. Of the 400 people they serve annually, many of them live...
  • How Erin Montano Increased Efficiency For The City of Clovis

    Erin Montano is part of a three-person human resources team in charge of 400 employees over 14 different departments. Her three-person team handles all employee personal issues and maintains employees’ professional records for the entire city. Erin and her team have so much paperwork to deal...
  • What HR Needs to Know About Security and Compliance

    HR professionals deal with personal and private information about their company’s employees. They must ensure that information is stored securely and in a way that complies with a litany of regulations and standards.
  • Human Resources Can Be So Much More Than Filing Paperwork

    This eBook will explain the dierent problems that stop HR professionals like you from doing their real jobs. It will also explain how eFileCabinet can solve those problems for you.
  • Building a Better Organization with Document Management Software

    Learn how Document Management Software helps small to mid-sized organizations and departments within larger organizations increase profits via streamlined, paperless processes.
  • 3 Ways to Simplify Your New Hire Onboarding Process

    It seems that a large portion of an HR department’s work is centered around the onboarding of new employees. There’s paperwork to process, trainings to oversee, and benefits meetings to give. But if all your time is spent onboarding new employees, when do you have the time...
  • 9 Pitfalls for Small Businesses to Avoid When Choosing a Document Management Solution

    Small businesses are always looking for ways to improve efficiency and profitability. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by using a Document Management System (DMS) to save time, office space, and money when it comes to managing all your company’s important paperwork. This list of 9...
  • 10 Critical Rules for Effective Document Management

    Finding effective solutions for managing business data is one of the biggest obstacles businesses encounter in reducing costs, improving service, increasing productivity, and meeting regulatory requirements. Companies around the world have realized that manual and...