Focused Leadership Consulting

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308 Wray Ct
Fort Collins, CO 80525

About Focused Leadership Consulting

  • I support leaders to unleash their awesome.

    Helping you take up the mantle of leadership in your life with confidence and clarity is my passion. Together we focus on you designing your life, and achieving your goals with vision, clarity, and balance.

    Leadership begins with you and manifests in those around you. You have a team? We will turn our attention to excavating what works and what doesn’t in your team … and then help you collectively execute with strategic, accountable, and honest conversations and action that clear the way for success. With clarity, focus and alignment, you and your team will create a future that otherwise could not have occurred.

    Focused Leadership Consulting partners with you to help you get the most out of your work and your life through:

    -Executive Coaching
    -Team and Group Coaching
    -Culture and Individual Assessments
    -Team Development
    -Customized Journeys
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Products by Focused Leadership Consulting

  • Executive Coaching

    Leaders are always on their own edge of growing….we have to be. Each new challenge and position tests our presence, our energy and our skills in communication and influence. Together we help you meet those challenges with grace, speed and fewer broken bones. Since it is critical for your career... Read more
  • Team Development

    Too many leaders settle on an acceptable level of dysfunction and assume they have to live with it. That’s not true. FLC can help identify and fix what’s not working. We help you bring to your team: Trust - Communication - Collaboration Where there is persistent friction-there is a leader... Read more
  • Customized Journeys

    What’s in the way of your next journey? Let’s have a conversation to discover together. When you operate from a place of clarity and passion you empower success in your company, your family, and other aspects of your life. As Martin Seligman suggests - Agency in life requires Efficacy,... Read more