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Products by Medcor

  • Telehealth

    Telehealth includes our injury triage service as well as telemedicine services. Injury triage helps injured workers get the right care at the right time in the right place, saving on unnecessary care and costs and reducing workers’ compensation claims. Telemedicine service connects you with... Read More
  • Worksite Health and Wellness

    Medcor’s occupational health and wellness services encompass injury prevention and treatment through to return-to-work. This includes ensuring regulatory compliance (including OSHA), support for environmental health and safety programs, and medical surveillance. Medcor’s onsite clinics reduce... Read More
  • Construction Health & Safety

    Our onsite and mobile clinics have served many complex construction projects with site-specific safety needs and risks. A combination of onsite care and telemedicine services reduce unnecessary offsite care and workers’ compensation claims, cutting overall costs. Our clinic staff and proprietary... Read More

Content by Medcor

  • Zero Tolerance: A Failed Paradigm By

    Competition for qualified, motivated and committed employees has never been more challenging. Stressors, pandemic related or not, have led to an increase in drug and alcohol use at home and in the workplace. Our collective sobriety has been challenged in ways never thought possible. While... Read more
  • Worksite Clinic Success: The Essentials By

    Employers who invest in a worksite clinic, whether the clinic is insourced or outsourced, should expect consistency in the care of work-related injuries, even across multiple sites. Read more
  • Executive Physician Consulting for Businesses By

    In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic challenged business leaders in ways they never imagined. Organizations have a pivotal role to protect the health of employees, customers, and the public. Many businesses understood that their current leaders did not have the skills to respond to the challenges... Read more