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  • Augmented Reality for Business

    Retaining the highest levels of operational excellence across quality, safety, support and performance requires innovative approaches to addressing today’s challenges. On-the-job training assisted by augmented reality is changing the way work gets done. Whether the need is delivering complex... Read More
  • e-Learning

    According to McKinsey & Company, people spend up to 11 hours per day engaging with digital media. In addition, a recent study by Harvard Business Review demonstrates just how big an impact learning can have. 70% of companies that align learning with business priorities are able to improve... Read More
  • Blending Learning

    Learning and development departments constantly reinvent themselves to keep up with a never-ending parade of new tools, platforms and approaches. As organizations now support the needs of four generations of learners, training has never been more challenging for both the learning designer and... Read More
White Papers by CGS Enterprise Learning
  • Workforce Outlook 2020: Strategic Planning for Operations By

    The push towards a more automated and AI-driven future is rapidly changing many industries. As a result, there is currently a dramatic shift in demand for skills taking place around the world. In 2020, operations leaders must take the lead and proactively address the need for agile... Read more
  • VILT Best Practices for Instructor Led Virtual Training By

    We’ve squarely transitioned to the Information Age, where technology makes remote training practical, affordable and sometimes the only accessible option. As more organizations work to rapidly transition from ILT to VILT (Virtual Instructor Led Training), it is worth taking a moment to examine... Read more

    The steps that organizations take today to prepare for what lies ahead will determine how quickly their operations can ramp back up and for some, determine their long-term survival. Follow these steps to lead your team forward. Read more