OnePoint Recognized as Top Workforce Management Solution by HR Tech Magazine

Press Release from OnePoint Human Capital Management

Organizations are constantly rethinking to manage one of the most crucial departments of their business—the HR department. Merely investing in a payroll or staffing solution is not adequate in managing today’s dynamic workforce. What organizations require is a complete suite of functionalities for HR management including payroll services, enterprise level human resources, time and labor management and benefit enrolment. While numerous providers in the market offer a single solution with the promise of providing all these functionalities, they integrate multiple systems and databases at the back end. These solutions depend on the capabilities of individual systems that are integrated leading to duplication of data which results in reporting inefficiencies and calculation delays. As a leading provider of a unified workforce management solution with a focus on small and midsize businesses, OnePoint Human Capital Management (HCM) offers a truly single-database workforce management platform that unifies employee data, increases productivity, boosts engagement, and simplifies compliance across the entire organization.

Alongside its cutting edge technology, what makes OnePoint HCM’s platform unique is its ability to be easily custom configured according to the workforce needs of each client be it special work agreements, labor tracking, payroll compliance or piece work. Clients can customize the reporting and calculations in the platform according to their particular compliance needs and rules in the states they operate in. “We want to ensure that every client can use all aspects of our platform to manage their HR activities which is why it is uniquely configured for every customer,” says David Miller, President of OnePoint HCM.

Unlike other integrated systems, OnePoint HCM’s enterprise-level platform allows clients to generate real-time reports to administer benefit plans and help manage compliance. The platform's built-in workflow engine enables the clients to receive custom alerts and notifications on their workforce management based on the real-time data collected. “Along with mitigating risks and costs, the real-time aspect empowers managers to create form requests and approvals within the system eliminating the need for paper requests and manual transactions,” says Miller. Besides, the platform can be integrated with numerous time clock devices and has its own time clock as well. OnePoint HCM’s flagship time clock allows employees to prove their time sheets and attest to having a safe workday reducing bogus compensation claims by mitigating the risk of an employee coming back later to submit a claim.

A testimony to OnePoint HCM’s stellar platform is a manufacturer that operates in six states with very complex piece work. With OnePoint HCM, the client was able to consolidate multiple business units into one database allowing each unit to operate with custom configured pay calculations for their locality while still having global reporting across the entire enterprise.


Moving ahead, OnePoint HCM is planning to roll out an Assisted HR Service that helps mid-market clients having limited HR staff to operate complex cohort effectively by leveraging more advanced features acting as an assistant to them. The company is also working on its new product OnePoint HCM Connect, which is an API manager that enables the OnePoint HCM platform to connect to any third party product. The company’s native integration with Microsoft Office 365, Box, Salesforce and Dropbox allows the clients to leverage the employee information in OnePoint HCM’s system to maintain user account in third-party products. These integrations also allow the clients to automatically post their job requisition to the websites like Indeed and enter the new joinee data into Google G Suite. “We will continue on our mission to help growing companies strengthen and streamline their workforce HCM,” concludes Miller.