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  • iRecruit, Recruiting and Onboarding Software

    Applicant Tracking and Onboarding
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    Work Opportunity Tax Credit Savings: By taking advantage of the newly renewed Work Opportunity Tax Credit*, CMS can find your organization significant savings. Between 8-15% of New Hires may fall into one of 10 qualifying categories for WOTC. This can make you eligible to receive a tax credit of between $2,400 and $9,600 depending...
  • CMS - Work Opportunity Tax Credits

    WOTC Processing and Tax Credit Experts
    WOTC Tax Credit Screening: CMS provides WOTC Tax Credit screening by phone, mail or secure online WOTC portal. CMS screens every new hire for eligibility, so you don’t have to. We also automatically check addresses and zip codes to determine eligibility for Enterprise Zone credits. Whether you have one location or one...
  • Equifax Workforce Solutions

    HR Compliance starts here
    Work Opportunity Tax Credit Management: Tap our proprietary technology and industry pros to simplify the process, identify more eligible hires, and get more credits.
  • PayNorthwest

    PayNorthwest WOTC Solution: With Enhanced Services from PayNorthwest, you’re positioned to be an employer of choice for current and prospective employees. You’re able to offer pay cards for unbanked employees and automated access to earned wages anytime. Combined with maximized Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC) through...
  • G&A Partners

    G&A Partners, one of the nation's leading professional employer organizations (PEO), has been helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses, take better care of their employees and enjoy a higher quality of life for 25 years. By providing proven solutions and technology in the areas of HR...
  • Corporate Tax Incentives

    CTI is a tax consultancy firm specializing in incentives that provide direct financial savings to businesses. Since 2001, we've secured billions for clients with expert know-how and personalized service. As an employer, you give many the opportunity to work. To incentivize you to hire those with...
  • Paychex Inc.

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    Let Paychex Tax Credit Services* help you identify and claim these highly lucrative ... Check Out the WOTC Calculator to see how much money you could save.
  • Brian Patten & Associates

    BPA is a full-service benefit administration firm. We partner with employers and benefit consultants to offer, maintain, and manage benefits for the employees of their organizations. Stellar customer service is of the utmost importance to our firm. We specialize in coupling best-in-practice...
  • WOTC.com

    Submitting WOTC Applications: The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a federal tax credit that the government provides to private-sector businesses for hiring individuals from nine target groups that have historically faced significant barriers to employment. This government program offers participating companies between...
  • Stryde Solutions, LLC

    Stryde Solutions, LLC is a 15-year-old national cost remediation company that provides business owners savings through Specialized Tax Credits (Cost Segregation, Property Tax Recovery, WOTC and other Hiring Tax Credits);Expense Reductions and Financial Services. A lot of employers have tried...