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INTOO is the compassionate response to layoffs. Knowing that the most crucial component to career transition is personalized, one-on-one career coaching, we connect candidates with professional coaches faster than any other provider to accelerate that next step in your employees’ careers. Our...

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Unemployment Tracker: UNEMPLOYMENT CLAIMS MANAGEMENT: Every business with employees manage the reality of unemployment. While turnover is front of mind for all managers, very few businesses truly understand the nuances of handling unemployment claims. This lack of knowledge leaves them exposed: Any misstep has a significant effect on an...
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Unemployment Cost Control: Supervisor Training, Pre-Termination Guidance, Claims Processing, Hearing Preparation, Hearing Representation, Ruling Appeals, Charge Auditing, Record Maintenance, Online Reporting & More.
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Transition Services Inc.

Transition Services, Inc. Let's Reimagine Severance Together


Severance Program Implementation: Severance Program Implementation from Transition Services is an industry-best severance management solution designed to help organizations seamlessly and efficiently process employee terminations, whether for a single event or a reduction in force, with minimal disturbance to the existing...
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Unemployment outsourcing designed to outperform.

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Unemployment Claims & Cost Management: In some states, the State Unemployment Tax Rate (SUI) has gone up 40%, or more. Now is the time to implement greater cost control measures for unemployment. Our program minimizes both costs and time. We determine if you are at your lowest possible rate for your industry and state. Then, we...
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Unemployment Cost Management: Reduce your workload and the total cost of managing unemployment claims with one of the nation’s leading providers.
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Unemployment Cost Management: For nearly three decades, Thomas & Company has helped our clients achieve outstanding results and savings by managing unemployment claims and taxes. IMPLEMENTATION A project manager, supported by our data integrity team, will work with your team to develop an implementation project plan and...
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Unemployment Tracker Complete: Managing Unemployment Insurance (UI) claims is no easy task. It’s an ever-changing, never-ending process. It is time-consuming, complicated, and expensive, but controlling these costs is a critical part of ensuring your business’ financial wellbeing. Failing to stay on top of this complex...
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Randstad RiseSmart is the fastest-growing career transition and talent mobility provider of flexible work and human resources services that helps more than 2 million candidates find meaningful work every year. Our outplacement, career development, redeployment, and contemporary Tech & Touch...

We are full service HR consulting firm that specializes in helping small to medium sized businesses fulfill their HR needs at a reasonable cost per employee. We offer a wide range of stand alone solutions and custom packages to fit your business. We provide you with professional expertise to;...

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